The stuff of legend - fcbd 2016

Le petit éditeur The 3rd Studios profite du FCBD 2016 pour promouvoir le très attendu cinquième volume de la série The Stuff of Legend.

Crée par les scénariste Mike Raicht & Brian Smith et le dessinateur **Charles P. Wilson III **(Wraith : Welcome to Christmasland), L’étoffe des Légendes raconte le combat que mène une bande de jouets contre le maléfique Croquemitaine pour sauver l’âme de leur maitre.

[quote]The Stuff of Legend FCBD #2016

Story by
Mike Raicht, Brian Smith
Art by
Charles Paul Wilson
Cover by
Charles Paul Wilson
Th3rd World Studios

Release Date
May 7th, 2016

Th3rd World Studios is proud to announce the return of the New York Times best-selling series, The Stuff of Legend, with this sneak peek into the much anticipated Volume 5, launching May 11th. In “A Call to Arms”, our band of toys have been left scattered across the Dark in the aftermath of the Boogeyman’s deceit, and they must pull themselves together or risk losing their boy forever. Also included is the original The Stuff of Legend story that started it all - allowing new readers a glimpse of the adventure that awaits our brave toys as they venture through their boy’s closet…[/quote]

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