THE SUBJECTS (Robert Mond)


Octobre 2015 (Australie)
Indéterminée (France)


Robert Mond


Charlotte Nicdao, Paul O’Brien, Emily Wheaton, Pip Mushin…


Long métrage australien
Genre : thriller/fantastique
Année de production : 2015


SunSkye, a global technology and pharmaceutical corporation, have created an all new revolutionary drug that they feel is now ready for human testing. They recruit a group of eight misfits for the trial offering a large sum of money. The conditions are simple. They are required to take the pill and be observed for eight hours, and they may not leave the room at any time. The test subjects are put in an old, abandoned recording studio for observation.

Personalities clash, and the authenticity of the test is in question due to the shady nature of the location and conditions. After initially thinking the pill was a placebo, the subjects begin to feel their bodies change. The effects are unlike anything a human has ever experienced; the subjects are now developing superpowers.

Each Subject will discover a power. What will it be? Can they escape? Will their powers kill them before the time is up?


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