THE SURFACE #1 (Ales Kot / Langdon Foss)

En parallèle au lancement de la série Zero, le scénariste Ales Kot s’associe au dessinateur Langdon Foss (Get Jiro) avec The Surface; une mini-série écolo en quatre numéros qui suit Mark, Nasia et Gomez, trois jeunes génies fuyant une Amérique futuriste pour créer leur société parfaite.

[quote=“Ales Kot”]Mark comes from one of the wealthiest families in the US. He created a mobile phone app that saves thousands of lives every year before he was fourteen years old. The app is connected to tsunami warning systems all over the world. It starts producing an alarm every time a tsunami wave threatens to endanger areas designated by the phone’s user. Mark is well-composed and a little bit cocky. If you look at the picture, he’s the guy in front.

Nasia worked with mute children since she was seventeen, and programmed software that transcribes their internal processes into language. This open-source software was widely modified and is now used in a variety of fields, including military. In fact, even Mark’s father’s company uses it. She also used to write a column for “VICE” when she was a teenager on the run.

Gomez is a strange mess of a man, he’s a bit of a distanced weirdo who’d love to be perceived as a leader, but often sabotages himself. He also likes urban beekeeping and ramen.[/quote]


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