THE WILD STORM #1-24 (Warren Ellis / Jon Davis-Hunt)

Yep… par contre, j ai un bémol sur le dessin… ca me fait penser a Araujo mai sprofessionnel mais ca manque parfois d expression faciale…

voilà ce que j en dis ailleurs (je dis peu)

[quote]The Wild Storm #1
J aime bien même si pour l’instant on semble dans du pur ellis avec tous ses tics et ses marottes…
Alors ca fait vraiment série qui va avoir une fin tellement ca brasse de personnages… on a pas l impression de lire une série dans un univers partagé (même si là ca sera 4 séries).
Le dessinateur fait penser à Araujo qui saurait dessiner. Comme dit Slobo c est ultra clair et fait pour etre ultra lisible. Mais comme araujo… on distingue mal les emotions.
Un bon début en tout cas pour moi.[/quote]

Pour le dessin, j’ai plus l’impression que ce trait épuré veut avant tout donner un aspect très réaliste à l’ensemble.

Et je trouve cela très réussi. Tout l’inverse de l’époque de Jim Lee voire de Jim Lee lui-même.

[quote]THE WILD STORM #2

Written by: Warren Ellis.

Art by: Jon Davis-Hunt.

Cover by: Jon Davis-Hunt, Afua Richardson, Jim Lee.

Description: All Angela Spica did was save someone’s life. And now hers is over. The rogue engineer lies bleeding in a place she hopes nobody will find - but she’s wrong. The people embedded in the secret power structures of the world are tracking her. Skywatch. Halo. International Operations. A covert operative called Grifter. If only she hadn’t unknowingly foiled an assassination planned by her boss. If only her boss wasn’t the one person more interested in the Engineer’s transhuman implants than in her life. It’s all going very wrong, very quickly. There’s going to be more blood.

Pages: 32.

Price: $3.99.

In stores: March 15. [/quote]

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[quote]Working with Warren is incredible. Of course, for me, there is a huge fanboy element. I have tried very hard, not to simply write gushing emails telling him how much I enjoyed this, or that etcetera. But mainly, from a creative point of view, it’s been amazing. It’s a huge project to undertake, but Warren’s scripts are a joy to draw from. They include a lot of very specific detail, not just about the design of certain characters, but often, the actual structure and layout of the page. Wherever that occurs in the script, I always try to take the time to run with any ideas, concept and research them as much as possible and amplify them where I can.

It was Warren’s idea to use rigid 9 or 6-panel grids, which I think has also really helped give the book its own ‘feel’ and works with the story we’re telling. The project has been really challenging and incredibly creatively rewarding. I’ve just tried really hard to push myself as much as I can with each scene.[/quote]


Ce deuxième épisode est une nouvelle fois très copieux. J’ai eu un petit doute au début avec cette scène muette de 5-6 planches sur l’Ingénieure. Mais rapidement, Ellis repart dans la préparation de l’univers qui est une vaste conspiration entre les services secrets et les entreprises comme HALO.

Comme il en avait convenu lors du numéro de lancement, il prend du temps pour présenter Cole Cash et sa petite équipe aux services de Marlowe suite aux événements mortels précédents. Le numéro risque d’être savoureux à ce titre.

Même s’il en dit beaucoup, on en demande plus, plus… que ça aille plus vite!

Est-ce que cette impatience va de pair avec la qualité du book? A n’en pas douter…

Vite la suite, bordel !!!

[quote]The Wild Storm #3

Written by: Warren Ellis
Art by: Jon Davis-Hunt
Cover by: Jon Davis-Hunt
Variant cover by: Jim Lee, Jamie McKelvie, Scott Williams
Release Date: April, 19, 2017

Angela Spica is wounded, alone and hiding from black-ops killers sent by her own benefactor, the man she thought responsible for her well-being—the mastermind behind an assassination attempt the Engineer just foiled. But, unknown to her, she might yet have a chance to survive this terrible day. The Grifter has a plan.

A storm is building. And through it all, a mysterious woman crackles though the electrical devices that inhabit our lives, slipping among the invisible networks of the world.

There’s something new in the world.[/quote]

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[quote]THE WILD STORM #4

Written by WARREN ELLIS • Art and cover by JON DAVIS-HUNT • Variant cover by JASON HOWARD Variant cover by JIM LEE and SCOTT WILLIAMS

There’s a covert action team out in the wild, and I.O. has proof of it for the first time. This changes everything. The woman who tipped the first domino in this cascade of secrets and lies is on the run. And the other great power of the hidden world is on the scene. Henry Bendix is noticing things from on high, and that doesn’t bode well for I.O., Angela Spica or the planet. The storm is building.[/quote]

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[quote]THE WILD STORM #5

Written by: Warren Ellis.

Art by: Jon Davis-Hunt.

Cover by: Jon Davis-Hunt, Declan Shalvey, Jim Lee.

Description: Michael Cray is dying. This doesn’t stop IO from giving him one final job, to fix the world he’s spent years killing for. Michael Cray, the best assassin in the world, is sent out to kill Angela Spica, the engineer who saved Jacob Marlowe’s life and exposed the secret state she worked for. Lucy Blaze, investigating the chaos caused at Camp Hero by IO and a wild CAT, meets an old enemy – and realizes an ancient war may be entering a new phase, at the worst possible time.

Pages: 32.

Price: $3.99.

In stores: June 21. [/quote]

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C’est propre comme l’on dit.

C’est cash, c’est prenant, les trajectoires des personnages s’entrecroisent, bref, c’est du bon.

C’est aussi très accessible et j’ai une tendresse pour le numéro précédent mettant en scène Bendix. Sacré homme-météo. :wink:

Written by Warren Ellis
Art by Jon Davis-Hunt, John Kalisz, Steve Buccellato, and Simon Bowland
Published by DC Comics
Release Date: July 19, 2017

Michael Cray, the world’s best professional killer, is going to get himself killed for refusing to assassinate an innocent. Angela Spica, whose only mistake was saving someone’s life, is discovering that her life is over forever, and that the people in this strange new world she’s forced to survive in…may not be people at all. Treaties have been breached. Secrets are being told. There’s a war coming.

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Art and cover by JON DAVIS-HUNT
Variant cover by BRYAN HITCH
Jackie King, chief analyst at I.O., tries to make sense of all the pieces scattered across the board since Angela Spica saved Jacob Marlowe’s life. Angela Spica wakes up at Jacob Marlowe’s safe house and starts to realize how far from real life she’s been thrown since then. But life is not slowing down, and Marlowe’s wild covert action team have to extract the last member of their number from an I.O. black site. Meet John Colt—moments before he’s either rescued or murdered or dissected to reveal a secret kept for thousands of years.
On sale SEPTEMBER 20 • 32 pg, FC, $3.99 US • RATED T+

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The Wild Storm #8

Writer: Warren Ellis
Artist: Jon Davis-Hunt
Cover: Jon Davis-Hunt
Variant Cover: Bryan Hitch
U.S. Price: $3.99
On Sale Date: October 18, 2017

Jacob Marlowe told Angie Spica that he isn’t from around here. He is, in fact, from a long way away. And the story of how he and his friends got here is probably the oldest secret on Earth. The Wild Storm cosmology begins here.

Also, nobody has stopped trying to kill Angie Spica, and I.O. Chief Analyst Jacklyn King just had the worst and most brilliant idea of her life.

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The Wild Storm #9
Warren Ellis
Jon Davis-Hunt
Steve Buccellato
Bryan Hitch, Jim Lee, and Jon Davis-Hunt
DC Comics
Angie Spica is given access to Jacob Marlowe’s secret lab, and discovers a treasure trove of technologies and sciences strange, ancient and alien. In this underground hold, she begins the process of fixing herself-and, perhaps, even evolving herself. In another hidden room, Jackie King and her team at IO begin planning a covert cyberwar attack against Skywatch-something even her own boss doesn’t know she’s doing.

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On s ennuie un peu quand même…
Le dessin est pas au niveau en plus…

Art and cover by JON DAVIS-HUNT
Variant covers by JIM LEE and BRYAN HITCH
The WildCAT and Jackie King at IO are planning elaborate heists. One heist could save the world. One could end it. And there’s no guarantee that either the CAT or Jackie and her team will get out of their respective capers alive. And IO director Miles Craven is distracted by many troubles and questions, including: What was Project Thunderbook?
On sale DECEMBER 20 •32 pg, FC, $3.99 US • RATED T+

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A votre avis, la mise en page, c’est l’auteur ou le dessinateur ?

Là sur ce titre… je penche pour ellis

Benoît pensait aussi que le procédé vient d’Ellis (voir plus haut)…

Ca change du classique quatre cases panoramiques…

Là, je crois que le choix vient du bla-bla énorme écrit par Warren Ellis. Il tasse, il entasse beaucoup d’informations. Là, on vient de rencontrer Jack Hawksmoor par exemple.

Par contre niveau dessin, ce n’est pas glorieux même si l’ambiance réaliste est bien présente. Mais tous les visages de femmes se ressemblent, seule la couleur des cheveux diffère…

Double par contre, car lire une série qui propose une continuité graphique, c’est un grand luxe de nos jours.

The Wild Storm #11

Written by Warren Ellis, art and cover by Jon Davis-Hunt, variant covers by Bryan Hitch and Jim Lee.
The Wild CAT must reinfiltrate the Hightower site in order to prevent their own exposure – and also the roll out of a new global surveillance tool that will cement I.O.'s dominance over the planet. But if you’re a bunch of aliens and an ex-spook who faked his own death, you can probably be forgiven for thinking about your own weird skin first. Jackie King and the I.O. analysis team could take a leaf out of their book, because they’re about to undertake a cyber-attack on Skywatch, the managers of outer space, that could easily get them killed…
32 pages, $3.99, in stores on Jan. 24.

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