THOR #1-11 (Jason Aaron / Mike Del Mundo, Christian Ward)

(FC powaaaa) #121

Je ne sais qui risque plus que les autres : lui ou ceux* qui rentrent dans sa boutique ?

(* parce que je me sens forcément concerné)

(FC powaaaa) #122

Faut vraiment que j’arrête de poser des question.

(Le Doc) #123

THOR #10

Written by: Jason Aaron.

Art by: Michael Del Mundo.

Covers by: Michael Del Mundo, Khary Randolph.

Description: For months, the realms have burned with the flames of Malekith’s war, while Almighty Odin did nothing. Now Asgardia is lost in the sun, the Rainbow Bridge is shattered and the All-Father sits alone in the empty ruins of Old Asgard, drunk on mead and despair. If Odin is going to save what’s left of the realms, he’ll have to undertake the most difficult labor of his very long life. Not by being the omnipotent All-Father, but by finally being just a father to the mighty Thor.

Pages: 32.

Price: $3.99.

In stores: Feb. 13.

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(Le Doc) #124

Lady Freyja struggles to protect Asgard’s refugees as Malekith’s forces grow bold! But the All-Mother won’t have to protect Midgard alone – enter Thor and his faithful dog Thori! The War of the Realms is coming – but the invasion starts here!

Jason Aaron
Lee Garbett
Cover Illustrator
Michael Del Mundo

Release Date: March 20, 2019

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