L’imprimerie indépendante Titan Books (A1) annonce ses rééditions pour la fin de l’année. Au programme on retrouve le héros de fantasy comique Thrud le Barbare de Carl Critchlow; et la reine du carnage Razorjack de John Higgins.

[quote]Thrud The Barbarian
Written By: Carl Critchlow
Art By: Carl Critchlow
Color/B&W: Color
Page Count: 128pp
U.S. Price: $TBC
On Sale: SEP 25 2013
Thrud is known for his massive frame and tiny head; after all, you only need a big brain if you need to talk your way out of trouble.
Thrud’s axe has always done his talking – whether he’s stomping a dragon, or accidentally laying waste to an entire town during a battle with his arch-nemesis, ‹ The Black Currant ›.
Thrud lives for popping down to his local, the Lobster & Drum, quaffing a few tankards of ale and starting a fight in which everyone else in the pub is beaten senseless or sliced into their component parts. He also won’t turn down the affections of any of the local wenches who happen to be there that evening! Hurrah!
In this first collected volume, Thrud faces down the necromancer To-Me Ku-Pa (FWAP! SPLATT! THWOK!), protects his beer supplies against fierce Frost Giants (THWOP! KER-THUNK!), faces his arch-nemesis (MASH! THWACK! THUNKTHUNKTHUNK!), assumes the role of the king he accidentally killed (POK!) and gets his pint spilled on a mission into the depths of the jungle (SPLUTCH!)![/quote]

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