THUNDERBOLTS OMNIBUS t.1 (Kurt Busiek / Mark Bagley, collectif)

Thunderbolts 1

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Onslaught a été vaincu au prix d’un grand sacrifice : les Avengers et les Fantastiques ne sont plus de ce monde. Pour combler ce vide et protéger les citoyens, une nouvelle équipe de héros composée de Citizen V, Météorite, Songbird, Atlas, Techno, Mach-1 se forme. Mais la Terre n’est pas sauvée pour autant ! Les super-héros sont en réalité de super-vilains et leur chef n’est autre que le Baron Zémo !

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Plus d’information|Auteur·e·s :|Kurt Busiek, Mark Bagley|
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|Date de sortie :|9 août 2023|
|Type de produit :|Comics|
|Pages :|1120|
|Format :|18.3X27.7|
|Reliure :|Cartonné|
|Pages intérieures :|Couleurs|
Contenu de la VO Thunderbolts (1997) 0-33, Thunderbolts Annual 1997, Thunderbolts: Distant Rumblings (1997) -1, Incredible Hulk (1968) 449, Spider-Man Team-Up (1995) 7, Heroes For Hire (1997) 7, Captain America & Citizen V Annual 1998, Avengers (1998) 12, material from Tales of the Marvel Universe (1997) 1

Spoiler alert dans le résumé ci-dessus.
Ne le lisez pas si vous avez hiberné pendant les 25 dernières années.

Oui je trouve ça con. Ca enlève tout le sel de cette époque où internet était un bébé…

Malgré les efforts, il y avait déjà eu des fuites à la sortie du #1 (à cause de certains chez Marvel qui estimaient que le divulgâche augmenterait la curiosité et donc les ventes).

A Comic I Worked On That Came Out On This Date

Well, what else could I possibly talk about today? The first issue of THUNDERBOLTS saw print on February 19, 1997, some 26 years ago today. Plenty has been written about the series over the years, much of it focusing on the twist ending at the close of this first issue, which Karl Kesel alluded to above. But to run it all down a little bit: THUNDERBOLTS was created in the run-up to a Marvel editorial retreat that Kurt Busiek had been invited to. I had been working with Kurt on UNTOLD TALES OF SPIDER-MAN and we had a fruitful and collaborative working relationship. In particular, this Retreat was going to be focusing on what we could do with the Marvel publishing line given that we were losing many of our most popular characters. This was at the point where HEROES REBORN was about to begin, in which the core of the Marvel Heroes line of characters were being outsourced to Jim Lee’s Wildstorm Studios and Rob Liefeld’s Extreme Studios to produce. The heroes had been written out of the Marvel Universe in the ONSLAUGHT Event—but now the question before everybody was, what could we do to replace them during this indefinite time? Kurt had an idea, and he pitched it to me both verbally and thereafter in an actual document. It was actually a reworking of an idea he’d had for an AVENGERS run—in that earlier version, a number of new members would join the Avengers over a number of issues as established members were sidelined by one thing or another. The twist would come in that the newcomers were all the Masters of Evil in disguise, posing as new heroes to infiltrate and take down the Avengers from within. Kurt proposed that we do this same idea, but without the Avengers. The team, and indeed, all of the popular optimistic heroes of the Marvel Universe were gone and believed dead. What better time for a new seemingly-optimistic super hero team to show up and capture the public’s fancy. But they’d secretly be the Masters of Evil, intending on using their new position and access to information and resources and public trust to further their villainous aims. Kurt and I—mostly Kurt—wound up pitching it to Editor in Chief Bob Harras in the bar following the first day of the Retreat. Bob gave it the go-ahead on the spot, but there were a couple of wrinkles along the way. For one thing, he didn’t like the name Thunderbolts, and so for a week or ten days, Kurt and I brainstormed a long list of truly horrible alternative names for the group—one of the few I remember from this effort is THE ALL-AMERICANS . Ugh. It’s no wonder that Thunderbolts stuck. There were also some minor design quirks: we had envisioned Zemo’s new identity as Citizen V as being a cross between Captain America and Batman, but Bob hated the fact that he wore a cape. Capes, he felt, were for DC heroes. On that point, we were able to get him to relent. We also got extraordinarily lucky in being able to bring Mark Bagley on board to draw the series. Bob wasn’t a huge fan of Bagley’s work, and so he’d found himself maneuvered off of AMAZING SPIDER-MAN , his future uncertain. But we wanted Mark for THUNDERBOLTS , and that put an asset that Marvel had a commitment to in a place where Bob wouldn’t have to worry about him. And Bags was amazing, not only fast and hard-working but also willing and able to draw a team series and give it his all. He had thought that the book was only going to be a limited commitment, and even once it was successful, he talked about leaving around issue #25 , but he wound up staying on for 50 issues, only departing when ULTIMATE SPIDER-MAN with Brian Bendis became a thing. Vince Russell , the inker for the first year, was a gimme to Bob , who wanted to put a more X-Men-style inker over Bagley to modernize his style. Perhaps the greatest difficulty we ran into while getting the book ready to debut was in keeping the secret of the twist endings at the end of #1. And in truth, we really didn’t—marvel’s sales department was so nervous that nobody would order the book without knowing the actual hook that they wound up stealth-spoiling it ahead of time by sending out a press release listing a few different options for what the deal with the Thunderbolts might be. We also dodged a bullet in the team’s debut in INCREDIBLE HULK when Peter David became aware that the catalog solicitation for that book revealed the secret, which would have been devastating—he got editor Bobbie Chase to change it before it could see print. And even with the gaffes and near-misses, most readers were knocked out of their chairs when they got to that last page—partly because there hadn’t been much of any warning that there even was going to be a secret reveal at the end of the book. Consequently, it’s a twist ending that’s been held up as a gold standard in the field, which is very gratifying. (Some readers asked why we’d revealed the secret so soon, why we hadn’t left it for issue #3 or #4. But the answer, of course, is that if we hadn’t revealed it when we did , there wouldn’t have been a #3 or #4…) THUNDERBOLTS became something of a surprise hit, and while it eventually settled in as a midlist title, it was rock-solid in its sales, completely steady for a ridiculously long time. I can recall Joe Quesada , when he became Editor in Chief, asking me about it and me telling him that it was a non-repeating phenomenon, that I’d worked out how to maintain the sales numbers on THUNDERBOLTS but that the approach only seemed to work on that one series. Anyway, THUNDERBOLTS lasted a good long time, far longer than anybody would have guessed at the outset, and it keeps coming back in one form or another. And now, while the eventual end product may not have much to do with our version, it’s about to become a film in the MCU . Which seems especially gratifying to me. I’ve had other things I’ve worked on used as the basis for MCU projects before, but those tended to feature characters that had existed long before I got there such as Captain America or the Avengers. But Thunderbolts is a dopey thing that we just made up, it wouldn’t exist if not for the work we did, and that somehow feels more genuine an accomplishment to me. And when you go to see that film, remember: if things had been different, you’d be watching the All-Americans!

The first page of Kurt’s THUNDERBOLTS pitch, faxed to the Marvel office. The unused “Too Good To Be True!” tag line was mine.

I did color designs for all of the main T-Bolts characters, with input from Kurt and Mark .

Quels souvenirs !

Une de mes séries préférées.

À vous lire, ça donne envie… je connais très mal les Thunderbolts…

La meilleure période :Busiek puis Nicieza

Bah vas-y.

C’est excellent.


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Je prefere ellis

Le run de Busiek est excellent fonce

La version brute et méchante de Suicide Squad ?

Et il y en aura combien de volumes :grin::wink:

À cette vitesse, je dirais deux pour couvrir la période Busiek / Nicieza.
Peut-être trois s’ils veulent mettre les mini Citizen V et le retour de Nicieza sur la série.


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Dans le deuxième omnibus U.S., il y a

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Et dans le troisième qui sort le mois prochain, il y aura

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Y a de l’inédit VF, là-dedans, non ?

Yep !

Diable. Va falloir surveiller la VF.

Ca je vais reprendre.
Après c’est vrai que c’est complètement con d’avoir divulgué le principal twist de la série.

Twist révélé dés le premier épisode de la serie, publié il y a presque 30 ans.

Ça va quand même, non ?