TITANS UNITED #1-3 (Cavan Scott / Jose Luis)


Titans United #1

Written by: Cavan Scott
Art by: Jose Luis

The Titans face their greatest challenge—their own powers! Nightwing, Donna Troy, Superboy, Starfire, Raven, Beast Boy, and Red Hood kick off a thrilling new case that will lead one of their own to question not only their place on the team, but their very existence.



Hello, Scott.

Convenu, creux et joli, sans épater.
Cavan Scott propose un scénario anonyme, où les Titans perdent le contrôle de leurs pouvoirs ; wahou. Le seul maigre intérêt est Jose Luis, aux planches très propres et fluides, mais qui n’impressionnent pas.
Ca a plus la tronche d’un web-comic qu’une véritable mini-série papier.

Je n’y reviendrais pas.

T’es à la machette cette après-midi!!


W) Cavan Scott (A) Jose Luis, Jonas Trinade (C) Rex Lokus

In Shops: Oct 12, 2021

SRP: $3.99

Guest-Starring Hawk and Dove!

The Titans uncover a plot against them. Someone has been stealing their powers, but who? And what has it got to do with Superboy?





Written by: Cavan Scott.

Art by: Jose Luis, Jonas Trindade.

Covers by: Jamal Campbell, Kael Ngu.

Description: Raven, Red Hood, and Donna Troy are on the trail of coldhearted killer Lady Vic! How long before bullets start to fly? Meanwhile, Conner Kent has a close encounter with Tamaranean royalty. But with his powers lost, can he survive? And Beast Boy? All Beast Boy wants to do is enjoy his milkshake in peace!

Pages: 32.

Price: $3.99 (card stock, variant $4.99).

Available: November 6.