TROJAN #1-2 (Daniel Kraus / Laci)

(W) Daniel Kraus (A) Marco Lesko, Laci (CA) Jeff Dekal
Once upon a time, we lived alongside Legends. Creatures of myth. Centaurs, fauns, gorgons, kelpies, gnomes, and more. They were spectacular. Majestic. Powerful. Peaceful. Pure. In comparison, we were ugly. Weak. Warmongering. Rotten. Is it any wonder we could not live alongside them any longer? After driving these Legends to the fringes of society, an uglier form of mythos takes shape in the form of rumors of live snuff shows for dark web high rollers. When a mysterious young woman, Nessa, enlists the help of a hacker to take a tour of the grisliest corners of the Dark Web, she sets in motion a war between those who peddle to mankind’s darkest fantasies and a world that transcends imagination. Trojan is fantasy thriller full of wonder and horror in equal measure.
In Shops: Jan 04, 2023
SRP: $3.99

Ah, Laci.
La vache.
Toujours aussi beau.


La couverture variante du #2 par Olivier Coipel :

Writer: Daniel Kraus
Artist: Laci
Colorist: Marco Lesko
Cover: Jeff Dekal

Nessa was just another “Legend” in a world that preys upon those that are different. Now she’s become their unlikely protector.