VAMPIRELLA 1992 #1 (Max Bemis / Marcos Ramos)

Written by: Max Bemis.

Art by: Marcos Ramos, Roberto Castro.

Covers by: Luciio Parillo, Marco Mastrazzo, Shannon Maer, Ergun Gunduz, cosplay, Roberto Castro, R.B. White.

Description: Now, in the long-ago year of 1992, Vampirella finds herself a vampire trapped between not just two worlds but two genres! When a « bad girl model » hired to portray Vampy at conventions and signings is plunged into a terrorist incident, she’s forced to face not just men with nunchucks before her, but the insidious forces roiling beneath the surface of geek culture… and her own dark past.

Pages: 32.

Price: $3.99.

In stores: June 2.

Fallait aussi vraiment garder le style graphique de 1992 ?

Précisément la question que je me posais !


Ils ont une démarche artistique très poussée :wink: