WARHAMMER 40.000 : SISTERS OF BATTLE #1 (Torunn Grønbekk / Edgar Salazar)

La deuxième mini-série Warhammer 40.000 de Marvel sera consacrée aux Soeurs de Bataille. Par Torunn Grønbekk (Jane Foster : Valkyrie) et Edgar Salazar (Stranger Things).
Le #1 sortira en août.

« This latest team-up will delight those familiar with the popular tabletop game phenomenon and serve as a perfect introduction for newcomers to the grim future of the 41st millennium that has captured the imagination of millions of fans around the world! The new series will tell an all-new action-packed adventure of the sisterhood of warriors known as the Adepta Sororitas. In Warhammer 40,000 lore, the Adepta Sororitas is an all-female order with many duties in the Imperium of Man, whose members are not just warriors but encompass a number of duties. A squad of Adepta Sororitas, led by Canoness Veridyan arrive on planet Siscia to retrieve a lost Inquisitorial acolyte and put down a heretical uprising. As Novitiate Ghita’s first mission with her Order gets underway, what should be an easy mission turns into something much worse, as an unknown force deep within the subterranean city of the planet rears its ugly head! »
It’s no-holds-barred action, mystery, and daemons galore as the all-female fighting force lets bolters blaze and flamers scorch in this all-new saga!"