WESLEY DODDS : THE SANDMAN #1 (Robert Venditti / Riley Rossmo)

DC annonce trois nouvelles mini-séries qui seront publiées cet automne sous la bannière The New Golden Age de Geoff Johns.

Geoff Johns :

« It’s long past time that the heroes of the Justice Society had their own titles again. At the same time, they had to be special, important, and emotional stories, each one exploring character, revealing secrets, and introducing new heroes and villains to the DC Universe. »

Wesley Dodds : The Sandman sera écrit par Robert Venditti et dessiné par Riley Rossmo.

« [Wesley Dodds] has given up on the hope of a peaceful world, but he hasn’t stopped believing that people can be better to each other, if they’re only given the right tools. Possessing a scientist’s optimism and romanticism, he is convinced that humanity can invent cures for its own ills. Having learned about the battlefield horrors of World War I from his father, he sought to create a sleep gas that would allow for ‹ humane › warfare. During his research, he recorded all of his attempts in his science journal - even those with horribly deadly consequences - swearing to never show them to the world. Now his journal has been stolen, and he must find the culprit and stop them before his deadly mis-inventions fall into the arsenals of the belligerent nations threatening to pull the United States into the next world war. »

Si on ne savait pas à quelle époque Johns aurait aimer vivre …

Cool pour Venditti.

Rossmo m’emballe moins, mais je suis curieux.


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Je suis super content de le revoir sur un titre DC quand on voit ce qu’il peut apporter aux personnages (Hawkman en tête).

Note: A la lecture de l’annonce, j’aurais cru que DC place Ram V sur le titre.

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