ZORRO : FLIGHTS #1 (Don McGregor / Vincenzo Carratu)

Le scénariste Don McGregor (notamment connu pour ses Black Panther et Killraven chez Marvel) a régulièrement écrit les aventures de Zorro, pour Topps, Dynamite ou les strips de presse. Le voilà de retour sur le personnage pour la mini-série Zorro : Flights, publiée à partir d’août par American Mythology Productions.



« McGregor sets Zorro on an adventure for the first time in 15 years by bringing him face to face with a fire-breathing dragon. But something doesn’t seem right. Although the creature soars in the air breathing fire and fury, it appears to be controlled by mere man. »

« Don McGregor is one of the grandmasters of comics, » said American Mythology president James Kuhoric. « His work has broadened readers’ horizons and stirred their souls for more than five decades. His latest project, Zorro: Flights, which we here at American Mythology are proud to present, is sure to thrill his many longtime fans while appealing to countless new ones. »