20th CENTURY MEN #1 (Deniz Camp / S. Morian)

20th Century Men #1a

Ringo Award nominated, Millarworld Talent Hunt winning writer Deniz Camp (Quarantine Comix Special, the upcoming Bloodshot Unleashed) joins up-and-coming artist S. Morian for the forthcoming 20th Century Men. This dark, speculative fiction, six-issue miniseries will launch from Image Comics in August.

At the end of the 20th century, superheroes, geniuses, madmen, and activists rush towards WWIII! A Soviet “iron” hero, a superpowered American president, an insane cyborg soldier, an Afghan woman hellbent on building a better life for her people—these strange yet familiar beings collide in a story that mixes history, politics, and comic book mythology into something totally new. Welcome to 20th Century Men, where the edges of our reality and fiction touch, overlap…and then explode.

« 20th Century Men is MORE than just a war comic; it’s a warped mirror that reflects past, present, and future, » said Camp in an exclusive scoop on the announcement at The POPverse. « Creating this book with S. Morian has been the most intimate and collaborative experience of my life, and the result is something I never could have imagined. If you liked nuanced, layered characters, dense, experimental storytelling, and speculative fiction grounded in history/pop culture, I think you’ll love 20th Century Men. »

Morian added: « While drawing this series I had this nightmare: I was on some scorched earth, wrapped in fumes, hiding, and then I hear this terrible noise get stronger, deafening. In the air is a scary man-machine—ironclad flying tank, spouting fire—rising from a column of smoke… and then his sensors and guns turn toward me. Now you can have this nightmare too! »

20th Century Men is a sprawling, anti-imperialist war story that features a layered, speculative fiction storytelling, akin to Jonathan Hickman and Tomm Coker’s The Black Monday Murders, paired with brutal character work similar to that of a classic Garth Ennis comic.

20th Century Men #1 will be available at comic book shops on Wednesday, August 17:

20th Century Men #1 (of 6) Cover A by S. Morian - Diamond Code JUN220049
20th Century Men #1 (of 6) Cover B by Igor Kordey - Diamond Code JUN220050

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20th Century Men #1b

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