A1 #1-4 (Collectif)

L’éditeur Atomeka relance la collection A1; une série d’anthologies créée par Garry Leach et Dave Elliott à la fin des années 90. L’éditeur publiera une nouvelle série régulière à partir de juin et un album de collection « A1 Annual » pour octobre.

Ce dernier contiendra du matériel inédit et des rééditions dont le travail de Joe Simon, Jack Kirby, Al Williamson, Jim Steranko, Alan Moore, Michael T. Gilbert, Sandy Plunkett, Scott Hampton, Bill Sienkiewicz, Dave Johnson, Garry Leach, Stanley Lau, Toby Cypress, Dave Elliott, Barnaby Bagenda, Norman Felche, Alex Shiekman, Mark Kneece, Dominic Regan, Madeline Holly-Rosing, Emily Hu, Sakti Yuwono, Jessica Kholinne et Bambos Georgiou.



[quote]A1 Annual
Page Count: 176pp
Full Color, B&W, or partial color: FC
Retail Price: $22.99
Street Date: October 9, 2013
Synopsis: A1 has always been a laboratory for creators to experiment and innovate, to break away from corporate creations and unleash their own ideas. Already proving a success with the new monthly comic book, this first all-new A1 Annual marks the thrilling return of the award-winning graphic anthology series to bookshelves everywhere!
Inside these oversized pages, a Who’s Who of comics’ talent – past, present and future – spread their imaginative wings across a gripping selection of all-new short stories. Which ones will be the breakout, creator-owned characters of tomorrow?!
Strips: Island in the Sky - written by JOE SIMON, penciled by JACK KIRBY and inked by AL WILLIAMSON.
Tales of Old Fennario - written and drawn by SANDY PLUNKETT
Terror of the Lesbian Nudist Colony - written by SCOTT HAMPTON and MARK KNEECE and illustrated by SCOTT HAMPTON
The Riddle of the Recalcitrant Refuse - written by ALAN MOORE and illustrated by MICHAEL T. GILBERT with WILLIAM LOEBS and DARCY & KEVIN HORN.
Emily Almost - written and drawn by BILL SIENKIEWICZ
A Question of Priorities - written by DAVE ELLIOTT, drawn by TOBY CYPRESS and color by SAKTI YUWONO
Solid Gold Death Mask - written and drawn by RUFUS DAYGLO
The Boston Metaphysical Society - written by MADELEINE HOLLY-ROSING and illustrated by EMILY HU
The Odd Ball - written with layouts and color by NORMAN FELCHE and illustrated by ALEX SHEIKMAN.
Where The Gods Are - written and illustrated by MARK A. NELSON.
Origin of Evil - written by DAVE ELLIOTT and illustrated by BARNABY BAGENDA and JESSICA KHOLINNE
Raging Rod - written and drawn by DAVE JOHNSON
Little Star - written and illustrated by DOMINIC REGAN[/quote]










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[quote]A1 #1
Story by Dave Elliot, W.H. Rauf
Art by Barnaby Bagenda, Sami Basri, Sakti Yuwono, [more…]
Publisher Titan Books
Cover Price: $3.99
Release Date Wed, June 12th, 2013
The new monthly from creators Dave Elliott, Barnaby Bagenda, Garrie Gastonny, W. H. Rauf, Rhoald Marcellius, Sakti Yuwono and Stellar Labs.
The exciting return of the award-winning graphic anthology series, this time in a new format. Three great on-going strips: Weirding Willows, by writer Dave Elliott and artists Barnaby Bagenda, Sami Basri, Sakti Yuwono & Jessica Kholinne, sees the worlds of Wonderland, OZ, Neverland, Mars, Pellucidar and Elysium leak through portals into the little English town of Willow Weir, as Alice and her allies defend her world from the things that would come through those portals to destroy them!
Odyssey, by writer Dave Elliott and artists Garrie Gastonny and Sakti Yuwono, follows an immortal military superhero, out of place and time, who finds himself in the middle of an eternal war for mankind between Angels and Demons!
Carpe DIEm, by writer W. H. Rauf and artist/creator Rhoald Marcelius, follows an offbeat group of the world’s seven greatest assassins: one for each day of the week! Their leader is always a Sir Monday… but the rest of the team always hate Mondays! A riot of colour and concepts in a Tank Girl vein.[/quote]





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[quote]A1 Anthology #4
Story by Dave Elliot, W.H. Rauf
Art by Barnaby Bagenda, Sakti Yuwono, Garrie Gastonny, Rhoald Marcelius
Colors by Jessica Kholinne
Publisher Titan Books
Cover Price: $3.99
Release Date Wed, September 11th, 2013
WEIRDING WILLOWS: There’s a dinosaur from Hollow Earth loose in the Weir and she’s eating Farmer McGregor’s sheep! Can Alice and Frankenstein’s Monster stop her – before McGregor puts down this purple T-rex for good?!
ODYSSEY: What do you get when you cross soldiers, superheroes, supervillains with a truckload of guns, in a children’s hospital in Iraq?! This month’s ODYSSEY, that’s what!
CARPEDIEM: NINE IRON: Grab your woods and irons, and join the CarpeDIEm agents as they battle a haunted putt-putt golf arena – where deadly surprises wait in every hole![/quote]





Source: www.comicbookresources.com