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le scénariste Roberto Aguire-Sacasa (Afterlife with Archie) a été promu Vice-Président chargé de la Création (le premier en plus de 75 ans) pour l’éditeur Archie Comics.
Sa première action en tant que CCO a été d’embaucher Lena Dunham, scénariste et actrice de la série télé Girls, pour s’occuper d’un arc en quatre numéros de la série régulière Archie.

[quote=“Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa”]It was one of those lightning in a bottle things. One of Jon’s son’s friends was at a talk in which, I think, J.J. Abrams was interviewing Lena. They were sort of doing a town hall interview, and one of the audience members asked Lena what comic book she would write if she could write any comic book, and Lena said, “Archie. I love Archie comic books.” This friend of Jesse’s told Jesse, Jesse told Jon, Jon emailed an agent at WME – where I’m at, and Archie is – the agent emailed me and said, “Have you heard about this? Is there any way we can get to Lena?” I’ve known Lena for a few years, since before “Girls” debuted. Obviously, I’m a fanatic of hers. I think the stuff she does is incredible. I sent her an email, “I heard a rumor from a friend of a friend that you might be interested in writing Archie. I just want you to know there’s an open door if you want to do that.” She immediately emailed back and said yes.

We sent her a box of tons of Archie books, she devoured them all, and maybe a week or two later came back with her pitch. I’m not going to spoil it, but it’s really, really funny. It’s incredibly contemporary. It’s a classic Archie story, with a definitely unique, Lena spin, and it’s going to be set in Archie continuity. It’s not going to be a weird miniseries – it’s within the main series. She brings a unique point-of-view to all these characters, but she also loves them, and knows what makes them work. It’s really good stuff, and obviously it’s going to be a huge deal for Archie, the closer we get to it.[/quote]


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C’est marrant : il y a onze ans, Aguirre-Sacasa a écrit une pièce montrant Archie et ses amis face au sujet de l’homosexualité et au problème de la censure. Et Archie Comics a entamé une procédure de “cease and desist”, parce qu’ils ne voulaient pas qu’Archie soit dépeint comme gay. Du coup, la pièce a en partie été réécrite avec les noms des personnages changés.
Donc entre Aguirre-Sacasa et Archie, c’est une longue histoire d’amour ponctuée de hauts et de bas, mais apparemment, les relations entre l’auteur et l’éditeur se sont réchauffées.
Reste à savoir si le nouveau responsable va lancer des projets alternatifs. L’histoire éditoriale d’Archie Comics est ponctuée de spin-offs, de produits dérivés et de versions alternatives. La série Life With Archie se faisait une spécialité, justement, de montrer des versions alternatives.
C’est autant, voire plus, dans les séries dérivées que dans la série régulière que je suis curieux du changement.


La série Live With Archie, examinant deux mondes parallèles où Archie a épousé chacune de ses dulcinées, Betty & Veronica, se terminera avec la mort du héros dans Live With Archie #37.

Pour l’occasion, l’éditeur a fait appel aux plus grands artistes pour illustrer les différentes couvertures. Ci-dessous, par ordre de diffusion, Live With Archie #36/37 par Pat and Tim Kennedy, Mike Allred, Ramón Pérez, Adam Hughes, Alex Ross, Cliff Chiang, Fiona Staples, Francesco Francavilla, Jill Thompson, Tommy Lee Edwards, Walt Simonson et Jeff Shultz.

[quote=“Jon Goldwater”]There are two other things I wanted to mention: We’ve had parallel storylines – Archie married to Betty in one story, and Archie married to Veronica in one story. In issue #36, that melts away. It’s just one big story – there are no two separate parallel stories. Issue #36 is just one big story of the death of Archie, and there are some really interesting ways in which we handle melding both those storylines into one story.

Also, Archie dies heroically. He dies saving a life. He dies in a way which you would expect Archie to die – very heroic fashion. It’s not something that you see coming throughout the entire issue. It’s very sudden, it’s very impactful, and frankly, it’s shocking. But ultimately, it’s satisfying; if anyone’s death can be satisfying. Then we have issue #37, which we kind of are calling – not literally – “Life Without Archie,” which is Riverdale, one year later. What’s happened in the year after Archie has passed away? How have people dealt with it? What has happened to their lives? What has happened to the town? Issue #37 takes place on the one-year anniversary of Archie’s death, and it’s a real celebration of Archie’s life, and it’s what he’s meant – not just to Riverdale, but to all of us. [/quote]


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