ARCHIE MEETS FLASH GORDON (Jeff Parker / Dan Parent)

Ils ont rencontré le Punisher, Batman, Kiss, le Predator et même les requins de Sharknado. Et pour leur prochain crossover, le gang de Riverdale découvre un vaisseau spatial qui va les emmener…vers la planète Mongo !

Archie meets Flash Gordon est un one-shot de 48 pages prévu pour le mois de juin. Une aventure écrite par Jeff Parker (qui a scénarisé les comics Flash Gordon de Dynamite) et dessinée par le vétéran des bandes dessinées Archie, Dan Parent.

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Jeff Parker :

“I’m now a pretty big believer that the Riverdale gang can fit with practically any other characters and genres, but it’s best when they get to really flex and go way outside their zone like say, the planet Mongo with Flash Gordon, King of the Impossible. This of course coincides with the sad passing of cinema great Max Von Sydow who was the most memorable Ming the Merciless, and wait until you see our take on the Emperor of Mongo. I wanted to write more Archie and more Flash Gordon, so this really clicked for me, and I tried to laser in on tailoring this to be a story Dan Parent would enjoy drawing. He hasn’t yelled at me yet, so fingers crossed!”

Dan Parent :

“I was more than thrilled to work with Jeff again. And what could be better than working with a classic character like Flash Gordon? The story has so much action and fun, it really jumps off every page! As a fan of the classic comics and movie serials — and the 1980 movie which I happened to watch again before I was approached with this project — I was excited to take part in another monumental Archie team up.”

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La couverture variante par Sandy Jarrell :

Ah, c’est joli, un petit côté Jon Bogdanove.