ARCHIE vs PREDATOR II #1-5 (Alex de Campi / Robert Hack)

Voici le premier aperçu de Archie vs Predator II, la suite du crossover de 2015. Alex de Campi est de retour au scénario, avec cette fois-ci Robert Hack (Chilling Adventures of Sabrina) aux dessins.

Le premier numéro de la mini-série Archie vs Predator II sortira fin juillet.






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Alex de Campi :

“I think as anyone who read the first ARCHIE VS. PREDATOR knows, I’m a huge fan of both franchises, and it’s massively important to me that both Archie and Predator fans feel like I’m handling their babies with love and respect and knowledge. My goal is always to deliver a great Archie comic — with the humor, teen drama, and romance we love from Riverdale’s finest — as well as a great Predator comic, with the scares and violence you want from the galaxy’s most dangerous hunters.”

Robert Hack :

“There’s so much to love about playing in this iconic universe, but key to me is the humor of it all. And, of course, a book like AVP2 definitely appeals to that subversive streak in me that wants to take the humor and the horror just that little bit too far.”

Héhé, j’aime bien la dernière planche.


Vivement en France j’avais adoré le premier



Written by: Alex de Campi.

Art by: Robert Hack.

Covers by: Robert Hack, Rick Burchett, Derek Charm, Francesco Francavilla, Dan Parent, Billy Tucci.

Description: Betty, Veronica, and Predator-Archie have been left in the wreckage of their town, all their friends dead. Normally, they’d just go down Memory Lane and get home again where everything’s okay, but that’s no longer an option. It isn’t until they find an undamaged car and drive it down a different road where they can finally return to Riverdale – but their hometown feels different. And it’s made even more bizarre when they come face-to-face with a few people they’d never expect: themselves. Only different, newer versions. Little do they know, Predators on Mars are watching them – planning their next attack.

Pages: 32.

Price: $3.99.

In stores: July 24.



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J’avais adoré le premier



Script: Alex de Campi
Art: Robert Hack, Kelly Fitzpatrick, Jack Morelli
Cover: Robert Hack, Kelly Fitzpatrick
Variant Covers: Howard Chaykin, Bill Galvan, Rebekah Isaacs, Greg Smallwood, Michael Walsh
On Sale Date: 9/18
32-page, full color comic
$3.99 U.S.

Our trios (new and old) are getting to know each other better—like Classic Betty and Veronica discovering that the newer versions of themselves actually AREN’T both trying to win over Archie’s affections. There’s a lot to take in in this brave, new world, but they’ve got a more pressing issue to deal with: Predator-Archie is quickly turning back into a Predator, and time is running out. Fortunately, the Riverdale Halloween Dance may be just the cover the gang(s) need.



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Riverdale High is on lockdown while a group of new Predators and Predadogs menace the halls during the Halloween Dance. They’re on the search for Archie-Predator and they don’t care who stands in their way. It’s up to Archie and his pals (both new and old) to stand up to this terrifying threat—but do they have what it takes?

Archie vs. Predator II #3 is out on Wednesday, October 23rd, priced $3.99.



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(W) Alex De Campi (A) Robert Hack (CA) Tim Seeley
Riverdale finds itself under an unexpected new leader as the New Predators wreak havoc on everything and everyone that comes across their paths.
In Shops: Dec 04, 2019
SRP: $3.99



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Written by: Alex de Campi.

Art by: Robert Hack.

Covers by: Robert Hack, Thomas Mandrake, Les McClaine, Jerry Ordway, Jeff Shultz, Wilfredo Torres.

Description: Classic Betty and Veronica have enlisted the help of an unexpected friend to combat against the Predator war raging inside the halls of Riverdale High, while new-Riverdale Betty and Jughead are traveling far, far away to fight the good fight right at its source in the conclusion to this epic crossover event!

Pages: 32.

Price: $3.99.

In stores: Jan. 22.



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