CIUDAD OGN (Joe & Anthony Russo, Parks / Leon Gonzalez)

Quoi de plus normal pour les responsables du succès Captain America: Le Soldat de L’hiver, les deux frangins au C.V. très varié, que de s’essayer au comics ? Pour cette nouvelle expérience, Joe et Anthony Russo seront aidés par le scénariste Ande Parks (Truman Capote) et le dessinateur Fernando Leon Gonzalez.

Elle a été kidnappée puis emmenée au pire endroit connu sur cette planète. Il a été engagé pour l’en faire sortir. Maintenant, ils sont tout les deux piégés dans une ville qui veut leur mort, et leur espoir de s’enfuir s’estompe rapidement. Des criminels sanguinaires à la police corrompue, en passant par le jeune armé au coin de la rue, tout le monde veut la mort de Tyler Rake et Eva Roche.

L’album Ciudad sort le 29 octobre chez Oni Press.

[quote]Ciudad OGN
Story by Ande Parks, Joe Russo, Anthony Russo
Art by Fernando Leon Gonzalez
Publisher Oni Press
Cover Price: $19.99
Release Date Wed, October 29th, 2014
She was kidnapped and taken to the worst place on earth. He was hired to get her out. Now, they’re both trapped in a city that wants them both dead, and their hopes of getting out are fading fast. From the bloodthirsty criminals, to the corrupt police, to the kid hiding a Glock under his sweatshirt on the corner, everyone wants Tyler Rake and Eva Roche dead.
Set in the real world locale of Ciudad del Este, Ciudad explodes with breathtaking action and hyper violence from critically acclaimed writer Ande Parks [Capote in Kansas, Union Station], writer/directors Joe & Anthony Russo [Captain America: The Winter Soldier], and artist Fernando León González![/quote]

Le site de l’éditer:

[quote] Oni reached out to me to develop it with them, since I was Oni’s historical fiction/research/realism guy. The Russos are incredibly nice, collaborative guys, and they really welcomed me into the process. We got on the phone a few times to bash out the basic beats of the story – this is all based on their initial ideas. We shot ideas back and forth via email. We got on the phone with experts in the actual city of Ciudad del Este. This went on for a while, until the idea got optioned by Paramount.

Once it gets optioned, people start wanting a script, like, yesterday. So, I went out to L.A. to meet with the brothers in person. That was more than five years ago, now. We spent a few days in a room together, had a couple of dinners, and so on. By the time I left California, we had agreed on enough of an outline that I could go write the graphic novel, and they could go write the screenplay. I think I finished the script in 2010. It took a while to find the right artist.

In other words, it has taken a while for this book to come together. It’s really exciting to see it coming out now and to see how people are reacting to the work we put in along the way.[/quote]