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« I had favorite episodes that I loved. “The Leap Home” was a good one, when I leaped back into my own life at 16 and was dealing with my father being sick — knowing when he was going to die, what he was going to die of, thinking about what you would do in that situation. Singing “Imagine” on the porch to his little sister. That was a really sweet episode, and very poignant. »

« Had we gone a few more years, we might’ve gotten a little bit wackier. We were talking about an animated episode, we were talking about Sam as a baby and trying to figure out how to shoot those kinds of things. But gosh, we had a lot of fun with the 97 that we made. »

"Initially that came from Dean. He was much more of an activist at the time than I was, and he introduced me to a lot of the things he and his wife had been championing. I’d been in New York for 10, 11 years and I was wrapped up in my theater life and traveling and touring. Dean, coming out of the ‘60s, had a lot of social issues that were front and center to him — quite prominently the environment and the ozone layer, which was a big deal at that time.

So Dean was always looking for an opportunity. We did an episode on Queen Elizabeth II [the cruise ship, not the person]. It was back in the ’50s, and they just opened up the back of the ships and they dumped the trash in the sea. In that episode, I ended up in the trash container. They were getting ready to kill me by turning on the trash compactor, and then I would’ve been pushed out to sea. So whenever Dean would see something like that, he’d find a way to go to Don and say, “Can we just talk about dumping all this trash into the sea?” He’d find a way inside the story to make a little social commentary."

« Today, you say, Would they even let that character on the show be a white guy, if they re-created the show today? Not that he would need to be, which is the beauty of the show. »

« Don was talking about rebooting it a while ago, where it’d be about Sam’s daughter and she followed in his footsteps. »

« He’s still out there doing his thing. I like that sentiment that there’s a Sam Beckett out there and he’s doing right by a lot of people. There are a lot of people who make a difference every day, and take time to look at other people and not just assume that they know better. So I like that idea. Is it sad that he never gets home? Yes. But sometimes, there’s greater work to be done. »

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Tiens au fait ça donne quoi la nouvelle série ?

Inintéressante et le fait de placer la principale intrigue dans le « présent » avec un cast assez large empêche le développement des intrigues du « passé » ce qui était pourtant le point central de la série précédente.