Fin janvier, l’éditeur IDW Publishing publiera la première mini-série parrainée par Comics Experience (sur les quatre prévues).

Imaginé par Rob Anderson et l’artiste Fernando Melek, Creature Cops: Special Varmint Unit raconte comment deux agents de la « fourrière » se spécialisent dans la traque des créatures exotiques comme les Griffons, les Panda-chiens et les autres hybrides dangereux qui pullulent depuis plus de 20 ans.

[quote] I don’t see the animals as villains at all. Sure, an animal that’s a danger to humans has to be contained, which is where an animal control officer comes in, but that’s different than being villainous.

It’s like that old saying that working customer service wouldn’t be half bad if you didn’t have to deal with the customers. I think a lot of animal control officers would say the job wouldn’t be bad…if you didn’t have to deal with the people.

The animals may cause a lot of the conflict and action in the book, but the villains are most definitely human, and when it comes to humans, you never run out of compelling cases, right?[/quote]


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Written by: Rob Anderson.

Art by: Fernando Melek, Novo Malgapo.

Cover by: Fernando Melek, Novo Malgapo.

Description: A pack of griffins is on the loose and tearing up the city – and that’s the least of the problems for this band of misfit animal cops! A dead (human) body has veteran officer Kaminski on the trail of a hybrid animal fighting ring… that might just be related to a ten-year-old cold case that nearly ended Kaminski’s career – and life!

Pages: 32.

Price: $3.99.

In stores: Feb. 25. [/quote]


[quote]Creature Cops: Special Varmint Unit #3
Story by Rob Anderson
Art by Fernando Melek, Novo Malgapo
Colors by Juan Romera
Letters by E.T. Dollman
Cover by Fernando Melek, Kevin Volo
Publisher IDW
Cover Price: $3.99
Release Date Apr 1st, 2015
Animal cop Kaminski and his misfit crew expect to deal with Panda Dogs and Horned Mastiffs… but Cthulhu creatures were NOT in the job description! From rampaging griffins to insane death cults, it’s all been building to this final showdown! But don’t worry – Kaminski brought his catchpole and is ready to kick some monster ass…[/quote]