DUST TO DUST #1 (J.G. Jones, Phil Bram)

Giant Generator, an imprint of Image Comics, announced the May 2024 launch of Dust to Dust, a historical thriller set against the backdrop of the Dust Bowl, by JG Jones and Phil Bram.

In the darkest days of the Great Depression, death stalks the Dust Bowl. As towering dust storms blast the parched Oklahoma panhandle, farmers try to flee the failing town of New Hope, but no one gets far. Battling his own demons, Sheriff Meadows teams up with Sarah, a traveling photo-journalist, in a desperate fight to stop the Death that rides the Dusters.

“When I was a kid, I loved listening to the old folks tell stories of the difficulties living through the Great Depression, and surviving the American Dust Bowl. It was almost inconceivable what these poor people lived through as the result of rapid modernization, politics, war, and blind greed,” said Jones in a press release. “Massive walls of dust that blew so hard they sandblasted everything in their path. Cattle killed by crackling rods of static electricity. Biblical plagues of hungry jackrabbits so dense it was like the earth itself was on the move. Shellshocked, disfigured veterans staggering along lonely highways, looking for food and shelter. Entire communities packed their meager belongings and fled to California to look for work. I wondered how it could possibly be any worse. Then it occurred to me: No one is allowed to leave. Death rides the dust storms, and the town of New Hope is directly in its path.”

Dust to Dust #1 (of 10) arrives in May 2024.