EDGEWORLD #1-10 (Chuck Austen / Pat Olliffe)

Après plusieurs années passées dans le monde de l’animation, Chuck Austen est de retour dans les comics avec Edgeworld, une série qui mêle western et science-fiction.

Cette production Comixology est dessinée par Pat Olliffe (vu dernièrement sur Hawkman) et sera disponible à partir du 15 septembre sur Amazon Prime, Kindle Unlimited et comiXology Unlimited.

September 10, 2020 – New York, NY – This fall, comic book writer Chuck Austen is making his surprise return to comics.

Austen’s controversial takes on mainstream superhero characters divided fandom with their romance fueled storylines. Now he’s partnering with his good friend, long-time Marvel/DC artist Patrick Olliffe (Spider-Girl; Hawkman) to create Edgeworld , an edgy expectation-busting western set in the far reaches of outer space. The latest creator-owned comic book series from comiXology Originals, Edgeworld is a gritty, sexy, potent adventure series that’s part science fiction, part detective series, and part western. Joining Austen and Olliffe (who is illustrating his first creator-owned series) are acclaimed colorist Lee Loughridge, letterer Jodi Wynne and editor Bis Stringer-Horne. Edgeworld debuts September 15, 2020 with issue #1 of 5.

« Edgeworld is the place people need to go in order to get somewhere else, but not to stay, » said Austen, « It’s a temporary rest stop, a place to blow off some steam on a long journey between the stars. But no one stays on Pala unless the rest of the universe is done with them. No one, that is except for the oppressed Palans and their lone supporter, Killian Jess. »

In Edgeworld, Killian Jess is the magistrate and a former United Authority soldier who knows the system, upholds the law, and delivers the verdict—with a vengeance. Alongside native Palan Cheela, Killian fights to protect the planet Pala, a backwater, frontier planet on the edge of known space located beneath a riftgate—the greatest and most valuable discovery in galactic history. Together, the duo must battle alien invasions, military forces, black market traders, otherworldly infestations, drug runners and the disastrous, ecological aftermath of a brutal, planet-wide war, in order to save the world they love.



Story by

Chuck Austen

Art by

Patrick Olliffe

Colors by

Lee Loughridge

Letters by

Jodi Wynne

Cover by

Lee Loughridge, Patrick Olliffe


ComiXology Originals


2.99 (USD)

Release Date


Killian fights for his life against his old bosses at the United Authority, as well as the vicious creatures that live in the sand. Cheela plays magistrate in her attempt to help. Meanwhile, secrets from Killian’s past are slowly being revealed.

Edgeworld marks the surprise return to comics of Dreamworks television producer Chuck Austen, the controversial X-Men and Superman writer, partnering with his good friend, long-time Marvel/DC artist Patrick Olliffe.

In animation, Chuck has produced such impressive shows as Dawn of the Croods, She-Ra and the Princesses of Power, and Rocky and Bullwinkle for Dreamworks, and there isn’t a character Patrick hasn’t drawn for Marvel and DC, though he is most well-known for his work on Spider-Girl and Hawkman. Their shared creative vision brings to life a rich and complex world of characters and stories that marks Edgeworld out as a series not to be missed.

Chuck and Patrick are joined on this expectation-busting journey by outstanding colorist Lee Loughridge, talented designer/letterer Jodi Wynne, with edits from Bis Stringer Horne.

Part of the comiXology Originals line of exclusive digital content only available on comiXology and Kindle. Read for free as part of your subscription to comiXology Unlimited, Kindle Unlimited or Amazon Prime. Also available for purchase via comiXology and Kindle.

C’est joli (les gaufres reviennent à la mode)

Le nouvel arc narratif de Edgeworld débutera le 17 janvier sur ComiXology.


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La « Première Saison » (regroupant les 5 premiers numéros) est disponible en album chez Dark Horse.

Le volume 2 est disponible en librairie. Il regroupe les épisodes 6 à 10.

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