FRANKENSTEIN UNDERGROUND #1-5 (Mike Mignola / Ben Stenbeck)

L’éditeur Dark Horse vient d’annoncer la publication en 2015 d’une mini-série Frankenstein Underground avec le scénariste Mike Mignola et le dessinateur Ben Stenbeck (Baltimore) aux manettes.

Il s’agit de la deuxième apparition du célèbre monstre de Mary Shelley dans l’univers de Hellboy. Il était apparu précédemment dans l’album House of the Living Dead sous le crayon de l’artiste Richard Corben.

[quote]Dark Horse Press Release

In 2015 Dark Horse Comics will publish “Frankenstein Underground,” a new five-issue miniseries written by best-selling comic book creator Mike Mignola, with covers by Mignola and interior art by acclaimed artist Ben Stenbeck (Baltimore). The miniseries follows the Frankenstein monster, who is alone, abandoned, and wandering underground, where he discovers both other monsters and the dark secrets to the universe. The miniseries will be the second appearance of the Frankenstein monster within the mythology and continuity of Hellboy, B.P.R.D., and the other Mignolaverse titles; the character first appeared in the graphic novel “House of the Living Dead” by Mignola and Richard Corben.

“It’s intimidating as hell to take on an icon like the Frankenstein monster,” said Mignola. “I’m trying to do something that’s true to the origin Mary Shelley created for the creature but also captures a bit of the feel that Boris Karloff brought to the role in the classic Universal films. At the same time I’m throwing the monster into an entirely new environment, so I think the result will be something new. It’s an odd one, but ultimately will add an important new wrinkle to the Hellboy/B.P.R.D. world.”

Mignola is no stranger to Frankenstein’s monster. He’s long been fascinated by Shelley’s novel and the iconic Universal Studios films that it spawned. In 1991, he drew scenes from classic Universal Studios horror films for Topps trading cards and recently drew a Bride of Frankenstein Mondo print.

“This version of the Frankenstein monster has the same thirst for knowledge readers will remember from Mary Shelley’s novel,” said Scott Allie, Dark Horse Comics’ editor in chief. “The monster takes the reader through some of the biggest mysteries of the Mignolaverse, shedding new light on important stuff we’ve only touched on before.”[/quote]

Le site de l’éditeur:

Ci-dessous, deux pages de Frankenstein Underground #1:

[quote]I do think this story could have very easily not been part of the Hellboy world. In fact, the other day, one of the people working on it said it never occurred to them that this could tie so much to the Hellboy thing. Probably of all the books I’ve done, this one needs that banner across the top the most that says, “From the Pages of Hellboy!” Looking just at the cover and the premise, you wouldn’t think it tied in that much.

The Hollow Earth thing I’ve played with a few times already. It’s in “Witchfinder” and in “B.P.R.D.” so it’s not too much of a stretch. The stuff we do see of the underground world here is certainly more about that world and different than other things we’ve done. It’s not a completely out of left field idea, though, based on what we’ve done.[/quote]


Une page supplémentaire de Frankenstein Underground #1:


Encore une déclinaison du monde de Hellboy. Chouette.
Et j’aime bien ce que fait Ben Stenbeck.



[quote]Frankenstein Underground #5
Story by Mike Mignola
Art by Ben Stenbeck
Colors by Dave Stewart
Cover by Mike Mignola
Publisher Dark Horse Comics
Cover Price: $3.50
Release Date Jul 22nd, 2015
Frankenstein’s monster confronts the danger lurking within the underground city. Can he save the spirit of the city or will he meet his end?
• The sequel to Hellboy: House of the Living Dead![/quote]


Fin de la mini çe numero 5 c’est bien ça?

Je confirme.

Bon et bien je suis finalement un peu déçu de cette mini série.
Mignola peine tout de même à se renouveler. :frowning:
Avant un article un brin plus complet cet automne chez les camarades de Superpouvoir, voici déjà la chronique musicale de çe Frankenstein :