Premier numéro d’une série de one-shots trimestriels.



Written by: Paul Allor.

Art by: E.J. Su.

Covers by: E.J. Su., Jeffrey Veregge.

Description: It’s the 1970s, and the world’s most terrifying Kaiju smash their way through New York City! As Godzilla and Hedorah do battle above, down below Todd Hopkins is racing across Manhattan, in a desperate bid to save the only scientist who can stop the chaos and drive the monsters back into the sea. But before the day is over, secrets will be revealed, and terrible choices made, to save the city from utter destruction!

Pages: 48.

Price: $7.99.

In stores: June 30.






Written by: Mary Kenney.

Art by: SL Gallant.

Covers by: E.J. Su.

Description: The Monster in the Lake! Nature can’t be contained in this brand-new issue of Godzilla Rivals! Something is trapped in Lake Ikeda-Mothra, the ancient and beautiful guardian of nature and humanity! But when one kaiju awakens, Godzilla is sure to be close behind…

Pages: 48.

Price: $7.99.

In stores: September 15.



(W) Adam Gorham (A) Adam Gorham, Adam Guzowski (CA) E. J. Su
When Mars invades Earth, Godzilla surfaces from Tokyo Bay and is pulled into battle. Captured and taken by the Martians, Godzilla is forced to fight in a gladiatorial arena, where he faces his biggest challenge yet-King Ghidorah!
In Shops: Apr 27, 2022
SRP: $7.99


Written by: Keith Davidsen.

Art by: SidVenBlu.

Covers by: E.J. Su.

Description: Seattle, 2008. Networked computers and video game consoles have connected millions across the globe in virtual combat… and an insidious intelligence has taken notice. The insectoid Nebulans, would-be conquerors of Earth, have hijacked the MMOs and uploaded the collective fighting techniques and strategy of gamers worldwide directly into the central processing unit of their cyborg champion. What chance does Godzilla have at victory when the vicious opponent Gigan has been augmented by the savagery of all humanity?

Pages: 48.

Price: $7.99.

In stores: Nov. 30.


Written by: James F. Wright.

Art by: Phillip Johnson.

Covers by: Phillip Johnson, Brenda Chi.

Description: Hundreds of kilometers above Tokyo orbits the ParaSOL science facility, connected to terra firma by a massive space elevator, together two incredible feats of engineering and international cooperation. But when the subdued kaiju Rodan and Ebirah arrive at the lab’s mysterious Section X, all of that threatens to come crashing down – literally – when the pair escape their confines and tear into each other. With the two titans locked in battle and plummeting to Earth down the space elevator shaft, it’s up to a team of scientists to stop them before their velocity is truly terminal – for them and for humanity.

Pages: 48.

Price: $7.99.

In stores: Jan. 11.

Written by: Blue Dellaquanti.

Art by: Feriowind

Covers by: Sophia Campbell.

Description: A Mothra cocoon has washed ashore near a big city, and a team of kaiju specialists has been deployed to study it. The team of scientists has discovered that the kaiju of the world may have a way of telepathically communicating with each other as a way to mark their individual stomping grounds, and have brought along an experimental device that they hope will detect this field of telepathic energy so that they can tune it to Mothra’s frequency and chart its migration patterns in the future. When they activate the device, however, they are shocked to discover that there are two sources of these telepathic waves – the cocoon and a kaiju beneath the ocean, Titanosaurus. Detecting an intruder on its turf, Titanosaurus surfaces and closes in on the cocoon, leveling anything in its way. The scientists scramble to transport the cocoon out of range in the hopes that it will pacify Titanosaurus and keep the cocoon from hatching early.

Pages: 48.

Price: $7.99.

In stores: March 8.