HEROES REBORN : AMERICAN KNIGHTS (Paul Grist / Christopher Allen)

L’event Heroes Reborn aura aussi sa variation sur l’ambiance plus urbaine des Marvel Knights avec le one-shot American Knights qui suivra les enquêtes du commissaire Luke Cage.

Par Paul Grist et Christopher Allen. Sortie en juin.

« Backed by the Squadron Supreme, commissioner Cage thinks he’s bulletproof. He’s dead wrong. And it’ll take a Saint to prove it. Someone is cleaning up criminals who’ve escaped justice – and leaving a bloody trail in their wake. This is the Squadron’s world, and the age of vigilantes is over. Police Commissioner Luke Cage has one job: Find the scum and eliminate them – before ambition takes them beyond the city streets. »

Paul Grist :

« These stories are always fun, giving you a chance to play around with characters that you wouldn’t get to do in their regular stories, » Grist says. « The Marvel characters have been so well defined over the years it’s interesting to be able to take them out of their usual settings and situations and see how they respond. »

« It’s when you get a chance to be able to strip away all the things that make the characters heroes in their own world, their costumes, the fancy powers, and see what sort of people they really are. Would they still make it as heroes if the world had been different? »

Belle reprise de Earth-X.