HOUSE OF HEM (Fred Hembeck)

L’éditeur Marvel Comics rendra hommage à l’artiste Fred Hembeck en publiant un numéro spécial, baptisé logiquement House of Hem et compilant l’intégralité de son travail pour la Maison des Idées.

Il comprend Fantastic For Roast; Fred Hembeck Destroys the Marvel Universe et Amazing Spider-Man Digital #16; ainsi que les pages que l’artiste a réalisées pour Hulk Annual #99; Marvel Age #50; #52; #54-55; #69; #97; #122-123 et #130-131.

[quote]House of Hem #1
Story by Fred Hembeck, Jim Shooter
Art by Fred Hembeck, Joe Staton, Vince Colletta, Various
Colors by Glynis Wein, Andy Yanchus, Gregory Wright, Steve Mellor , Mark Bernardo , Antonio Fabela , Renee Witterstaetter , Paul Becton , Janet Jackson , George Roussos , Julianna Ferriter
Letters by Fred Hembeck, Joe Rosen, Rick Parker, Janice Chiang
Cover by Fred Hembeck, Chris Sotomayor
Publisher Marvel Comics
Cover Price: $7.99
Release Date Jun 3rd, 2015
• For over thirty years, cartoonist Fred Hembeck has been poking fun at Marvel’s mightiest heroes. Now, some of his greatest works are collected in a giant-sized one-shot that’s bursting with belly laughs!
• Fred relentlessly roasts the Fantastic Four with the help of an all-star cast of artists!
• Fred wipes out the Marvel Universe in the tale they said couldn’t be published (and almost wasn’t)!
• Even Spider-Man and the Hulk are no match for Hembeck’s trademark wit!
• Plus: a cornucopia of side-splitting short strips from the pages of Marvel Age — and an all-new introduction by the man himself!
• Collecting FANTASTIC FOUR ROAST, FRED HEMBECK DESTROYS THE MARVEL UNIVERSE and AMAZING SPIDER-MAN DIGITAL COMIC #16 — and material from HULK ANNUAL ’99; and MARVEL AGE #50, #52, #54-55, #69, #97, #122-123 and #130-131.[/quote]

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