JUNKYARD JOE #1-6 (Geoff Johns / Gary Frank)

Geoff Johns et Gary Frank ont officialisé le premier titre dérivé de l’univers Geiger : Junkyard Joe. Sortie prévue en 2022.



Arriving: October 5, 2022
Diamond ID: AUG220009
Cover price: $4.99

Throughout history unlikely and strange heroes have risen and fallen their identities and lives a secret. But for a Great Evil to be stopped their stories must be told. They are The Unnamed fighting The Unknown War.

From the explosive pages of GEIGER comes JUNKYARD JOE! The world knows him as the comic strip by cartoonist Muddy Davis but the truth stretches back to the Vietnam War. This is their story of sacrifice and brotherhood.





Arriving: December 21, 2022
Diamond ID: OCT220160
Cover price: $3.99

The tales of Mad Ghost’s Unnamed continue as the strange robot soldier named Joe further inserts himself into Muddy Davis’ retirement life. But the oddness of Joe’s presence has caught the attention of Muddy’s new neighbors, which spells danger for everyone involved. Deadly forces conspire to reclaim Joe, and nothing-and no one-will get in their way.

Geoff Johns
Gary Frank, Brad Anderson
Cover A
Gary Frank, Brad Anderson
Cover B
JG Jones
Cover C
Peter Snejbjerg
Cover D
Gary Frank, Brad Anderson




Geoff Johns
Gary Frank
Brad Anderson

Cover price: $3.99
The tales of Mad Ghost’s Unnamed continue as danger closes in on Muddy Davis and the robot soldier known only as Joe. But it gets worse when Muddy’s young neighbor Emily becomes tangled in the complex web that threatens all of their lives. A sinister faction is gaining ground to claim Joe for their own…and they won’t leave any witnesses.





Series: Junkyard Joe

Published: May 10, 2023
Diamond ID: JAN230225

Cover price: $4.99

MINISERIES FINALE The tales of Mad Ghost’s Unnamed go full-throttle in this final chapter! The man known only as the Custodian won’t relent until he claims Joe’s technology for his clandestine group. And if Muddy Davis and the neighbor kids get in his way, they’re merely collateral damage in the building Unknown War…



Le six vient de sortir. J’aime beaucoup le ton de cet titre.