JUSTICE, INC. #1-6 (Michael Uslan / Giovanni Timpano)

Le scénariste et producteur de cinéma Michael Uslan (au générique de tous les Batman depuis le premier film de Tim Burton) orchestre la première rencontre des personnages emblématiques de l’éditeur de pulps Street & Smith, The Shadow, Doc Savage et The Avenger, dans une mini-série en 6 épisodes intitulée Justice, Inc.

[quote]JUSTICE, INC. #1

Michael Uslan
Giovanni Timpano
Alex Ross, Francesco Francavilla, Gabriel Hardman…
Dynamite Entertainment
Wed, August 20th, 2014

An airliner vanishes en route without a trace! It’s the crisis that brings together, in a historic team-up for the first time ever, Street & Smith’s super star trinity: The Shadow! Doc Savage! The Avenger! This historic cross over is 75 years in the making, JUSTICE, INC. begins here, spawned by a horrific tragedy of death and destruction secretly orchestrated by some of the most powerful and unexpected villains in the history of the pulps! Chapter 1 (of 6): "The Time Machine!”[/quote]

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[quote]Justice Inc #2
Story by Michael Uslan
Art by Giovanni Timpano
Cover by Alex Ross, Francesco Francavilla, Gabriel Hardman, [more…]
Publisher Dynamite Entertainment
Cover Price: $3.99
Release Date Wed, September 24th, 2014
A rift in Time brings the Doc Savage of today face-to-face with the Doc Savage of 1939! Even Einstein is not certain of the consequences! Just then, The Voodoo Master strikes, laying a death-trap for his nemesis, The Shadow, while another powerful evil force lurks in the darkness and poised to strike next. Meanwhile, wealthy industrialist Richard Henry Benson and his family are aboard a plane headed for Nepal to witness Doc Savage’s latest scientific breakthrough, co-funded by Benson. But the airliner is instead destined for the very heart of tragedy. What are the secrets linking The Shadow and Doc Savage to the birth of The Avenger? What allows three men of mystery and power to shed their very different ideological shells and deal with each other on a deeper human level? In this tale, a shaky bond is forged among not just Doc Savage, The Shadow and The Avenger, but among “Clark, Kent and Richard.” It’s the revealing Chapter Two of six in the saga of “JUSTICE, INC.”[/quote]






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[quote]Justice, Inc. #3
Story by Michael Uslan
Art by Giovanni Timpano
Cover by Alex Ross, Francesco Francavilla, Gabriel Hardman, Ardian Syaf
Publisher Dynamite Entertainment
Cover Price: $3.99
Release Date Wed, October 22nd, 2014
Richard Henry Benson lives… or does he? Lines blur now between living and dead, between revenge and redemption, between law and justice, as three vastly different powerful heroes are forced to work together to face the explosive, dark alliance between one of The Shadow’s most deadly foes, The Voodoo Master, and one of the greatest super-villains in pulp history. When Doc Savage’s fortress is suddenly invaded by the Voodoo Master’s entranced hordes bearing the destructive weapons of his mysterious evil partner, The Avenger is forced into action for the first time ever in a baptism of fire with zero room for error![/quote]




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[quote]JUSTICE INC. #4

Written by: Michael Uslan.

Art by: Giovanni Timpano.

Cover by: Alex Ross, Francesco Francavilla, Gabriel Hardman.

Description: All Hell breaks loose as Doc’s fortress is attacked by the real master villain behind the plot to destroy not only Richard Henry Benson, but The Shadow and Doc Savage, as well! Who is the evil force whose quest for universal peace must begin with all-out war? And when the three uneasy allies of the newly formed Justice, Inc. learn that their foe intends to steal Doc Savage’s newest invention and conquer time, they realize that the very future of mankind is at stake! It’s action and more action as this unstoppable villain’s malevolent partner, The Voodoo Master, makes it crystal clear that while “no man is an island,” the earth itself is nothing more than “The Island of Dr. Mocquino.”

Pages: 32.

Price: $3.99.

In stores: Nov. 26. [/quote]

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Le gars avec la marque sur la gueule,c’est qui?

Edit:the Avenger déguisé,au temps pour oim.

[quote]Justice, Inc. #5
Story by Michael Uslan
Art by Giovanni Timpano
Cover by Alex Ross, Francesco Francavilla, Gabriel Hardman,
Publisher Dynamite Entertainment
Cover Price: $3.99
Release Date Wed, December 17th, 2014
When Doc Savage’s Fortress is blown to bits by the combined brain-trust of The Voodoo Master and our all-powerful mystery villain, the battleground for the soul of mankind moves to New York City where the agents of The Shadow and Doc’s team are nowhere to be found! As Doc battles a dark menace over the skies of New York, The Shadow confronts The Voodoo Master in Coney Island’s House of Horrors. Stalemated, it’s up to Richard Henry Benson, the world’s newest Avenger, to learn how to manipulate his frozen, zombie-like face and mold it into masterful disguises, to stop them from controlling Time, itself, to solve the mystery of his wife and daughter’s disappearance, and to do what he is now cruelly fated to do— Avenge![/quote]

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[quote]Justice, Inc. #6
Story by Michael Uslan
Art by Giovanni Timpano
Cover by Alex Ross, Francesco Francavilla, Gabriel Hardman
Publisher Dynamite Entertainment
Cover Price: $5.99
Release Date Wed, January 28th, 2015
Out of tragedy, a hero is born! Richard Henry Benson must make the hardest choices imaginable, as he tracks down his family’s murderers one by one. Who shall live and who must die? In a shaky alliance with The Shadow, who deems himself judge, jury and executioner, and Doc Savage, who wishes only to serve mankind, The Avenger must finally declare his own ideology and methodology. Will justice be served… or will the malevolent John Sunlight and The Voodoo Master prevail?[/quote]

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Je les ai lu.
J’ai adoré.

Cela n’engage que moi mais vous ne trouvez pas que the Avenger est un peu hypocrite quand il dit qu’il ne tue pas alors qu’en fait…Oui.