KING IN BLACK : IMMORTAL HULK (Al Ewing / Aaron Kuder)

Hulk participera à l’event King in Black le temps d’un one-shot écrit par Al Ewing, le scénariste de la série Immortal Hulk, et dessiné par Aaron Kuder (Guardians of the Galaxy, Ghost Rider…).

" A present for the Hulk! The Hulk is in a bad place. Half of his alters are dead or missing — including Bruce Banner — and the Leader’s got the rest of him on the ropes. But never let it be said that Joe Fixit doesn’t know how to have a good time — and he’s out to make sure this is the best holiday the Hulk’s ever had. He just has to fight his way through a planet of symbiotes first."

Al Ewing :

« The ‹ King in Black › event gave me an opportunity to tell a very particular story at a very particular time in the year. I have no idea how we’ll all be feeling come Christmas… but the Hulk will be there to share the highs and lows of the season with us - and with the servants of Knull, God of the Void, of course. »

Comme pour le machin Carnage.