KING IN BLACK : SPIDER-MAN (Jed McKay / Michele Bandini)

Marvel publiera en mars le one-shot King in Black : Spider-Man, écrit par Jed McKay (Black Cat) et dessiné par Michele Bandini (Captain Marvel).

Jed McKay :

Spider-Man has dazzling acrobatic prowess, he has webs he can swing from, spider-sense to keep him safe, the whole shebang. He’s the whole package. But he also has something else that drives him in his adventures, that keeps him going - guilt. And all this - the skies turning black, the city covered in slime, alien dragons screaming through the air, this evil space god who’s so far above his level that they might as well not be on the same planet?
It’s all. His. Fault. After all, who brought the symbiote to Earth in the first place?