Peter David a été hospitalisé suite à des problème cardiaques. Il avait déjà des soucis au niveau des reins.

Une cagnotte a été ouverte par rapport aux frais medicaux

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Je me suis fait sa trilogie Maestro en début de semaine qui m’a bien diverti. J’espère sincèrement qu’il va s’en remettre je l’apprécie énormément.

Fred vient d’ouvrir un sujet qui risque de nous foutre le bourdon régulièrement…


J’espère que ce sujet ne sera pas alimenté trop souvent…


Len Kaminsky a eu un accident l’annee derniere qui l a laissé dans un fauteuil roulant.
Le paiement de l institution lui a couté ses economies et sa maison. Il ne peut plus en partir…

Len Kaminski, writer for several major comics publishers, is in dire need of your help. In his words:

“I was in an accident last year that put me in a wheelchair - and left me trapped in a ‘crooked care’ center.

That was eight months ago. In that time, they’ve used up my insurance coverage, then proceeded to drain my bank account and divert my monthly disability payments into their account.

I lost all my money, my income, my apartment, everything. As a result, they won’t let me leave, as I no longer HAVE a home to go TO, and no resources to FIND one. So, still in the belly of the beast. Still in a wheelchair. Sick to the DEATH of this horrible place.

I turned 60 in here. I desperately do NOT want to DIE here…”

Putain, c’est vraiment terrible…et triste aussi…

Gerry Conway a révélé qu’il a passé l’année écoulée à se battre contre un cancer. Il y a eu des complications, plusieurs hospitalisations et d’après son message, sa santé s’améliore.

« Fingers crossed, I believe I’m well on the road to recovery. I’ve been in a dark place, and I’ve come out. My heart is filled with gratitude. There’s a ways to go still, but the bottom line is I’m back, baby, ready to take names and kick ass. »

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Pas glop et glop.

Jeff Smith est rentré chez lui la semaine dernière :

Les nouvelles du 19 août :
Special Announcement
To our friends and fans: Jeff Smith is recuperating from a cardiac arrest suffered on Sunday. There will be a long road to recovery, so regrettably we must cancel the remainder of his book tour this year. Our apologies to his fans who were coming to see him at: Rob Con (VA), CXC (OH), Bedrock Comic Con (TX) and NYCC (NY). We hope this is just a bump in the road and that Jeff will see you all next year. Thank you for your support and understanding at this time.

Nouvelles du 1er septembre :
We want to share that Jeff Smith is in rehab and working hard to get well. He sends his heartfelt thanks to everyone who has expressed concern.

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Message de la femme de Peter David

Why I have gone silent for a while

Peter is back in the hospital with yet another infection. This one was tricker because it was at his dialysis catheter site and in his blood. There was no infection in or around his heart which was great news.

They pulled the catheter to test it for any additional bacteria.

While in the hospital, he started to have blood pressure problems. He stabilized and they inserted a new catheter.

On Friday he was scheduled for a medical procedure to create a fistula in his right arm so they could remove the cardiac catheter to lessen the chance of infection.

During the procedure to put him under, his blood pressure dropped like a rock. At no point was he without a pulse or blood pressure but they were in the basement.

He is in ICU right now. They have him on a drug to increase his BP that can only be given there.

There are continuing concerns about his white cell count creeping up and red cell down.

I am expecting him to surprise us all because he has for over a year now.

Yes, we can use thoughts and prayers and gratefully accept them. Right now, we really appreciate them.

Je croise les doigts. Mais ça a l’air chaud, une fois de plus.

Good news everyone. He is leaving the ICU for a cardiac care bed. This makes me happy

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Oh top

Plusieurs personne sur FB (dont Nancy Collins) indiquent que Trina Robbins est hospitalisée suite à une attaque.