En juin, l’éditeur IDW Publishing rééditera dans sa collection prestigieuse l’adaptation de la nouvelle Lawnmower Man (La Pastorale en Français) qui marque l’unique collaboration entre deux icônes de la culture populaire: l’écrivain Stephen King et le dessinateur Walter Simonson (Ragnarök, Star Slammers).
Cette histoire d’horreur a été publiée originellement dans le magazine “Bizarre Adventures” chez Marvel en 1981.

[quote=“Walter Simonson”]He wrote it. We did the story Marvel style. I say “we” but I never had any direct contact with King. We did it Marvel style though, which means I took the story, broke it down into pages, drew it and then this being the old days before we had computers and the internet, Denny sent the original pages to King. King then wrote the script from the drawings and panel breakdowns I had done. The funny part about that is that no one talked to him about it so he wrote it by actually writing the entire script in pencil all around the artwork. Right on the art. It totally killed me to have to erase all the stuff! The pages had to be cleaned up to be printed. It just killed me! [Laughs]

I thought King did a really nice job at his adaptation. You might say, “Oh, it’s Stephen King, of course he would!” but I have seen some writers who don’t do comics, but are still professional writers, do things in comic scripts that don’t always work. If you go back and compare what King did in this with the short story, he personalized the comic story. He acknowledged that you’re taking in information differently so by personalizing it he did an adaptation of the story in a visual way. It worked really well. I was delighted. I thought, “This guy gets it.” It was really cool.[/quote]


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Dommage que cette collection coûte la peau des fesses, parce que ça m’intéresse beaucoup. Ca doit bien être l’un des seuls trucs signés King que je n’ai pas encore…