MARCH TRILOGY SAMPLER - FCBD 2016 (Lewis, Aydin / Powell)

L’éditeur Top Shelf profite du FCBD pour promouvoir l’autobiographique March, co-écrit par John Lewis - porte-parole pour le mouvement des droits civiques - et Andrew Aydin et illustré par Nate Powell (You Don’t Say).

Ce numéro spécial de 32 pages comprend quelques extraits des trois tomes parus.

[quote]March Trilogy Sampler FCBD #2016

Story by
John Lewis, Andrew Aydin
Art by
Nate Powell
Cover by
Nate Powell
Top Shelf

Cover Price:
Release Date
May 7th, 2016

Top Shelf celebrates Free Comic Book Day with 32 pages of excerpts from March Book One, Book Two, and Book Three (coming summer 2016). The first graphic novel from a sitting member of Congress, Presidential Medal of Freedom recipient, and American icon. John Lewis rose from humble beginnings to become a national leader of the civil rights movement. This is his story, from an Alabama farm to the March on Washington and beyond, co-written by Andrew Aydin and brought to astonishing life by Nate Powell in a graphic novel trilogy.

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