METEOR MEN (Jeff Parker / Sandy Jarrell)

Si le scénariste Jeff Parker est actuellement très occupé avec ses travaux de commande (Aquaman, Batman 66’, Flash Gordon, Angry Birds), il n’oublie pas pour autant de créer ses propres comics. Oni Press publiera l’album Meteor Men en septembre. Jeff Parker collabore avec le dessinateur Sandy Jarrell pour raconter l’extermination de l’humanité par une race d’extra-terrestre à travers les yeux de Alden Baylor, jeune garçon de 16 ans qui, pour une raison mystérieuse, est le seul à bénéficier de la protection d’un des assaillants.

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Voici quelques pages du scénario rédigé par Jeff Parker:


Voici quelques pages supplémentaires de Meteor Men:

[quote=“Jeff Parker”]Then everybody had to wait on me to finally pitch James and Charlie, which took a while because I was poking around with a few vague concepts. Like you do. And then finally one of them started growing more real. I was really surprised they went for it because I think they were expecting something more peppy from me. But one of the things I wanted, and there was no point bringing in Sandy if we weren’t going to try it, was to create a character who was believable as a teenager, because I don’t think we see that many in fiction.

All the big stuff that happens can take place because Alden is this very grounded figure you can accept as real. He’s not precocious and he doesn’t even really say that much. Most of his character development is pure visual storytelling, you don’t get an inner narrative telling the readers what they’re supposed to think.[/quote]

[quote=“Sandy Jarrell”]In the months after the story started to come together, I drew Alden, and aside from looking too angry in my first couple of drawings, his design was set from the git-go. Our alien, however, took some back and forth. He’s mostly Parker’s design, and he got more and more simplified as almost everything useful does.

Before everything was all set with ONI, I had finished 11 pages, and by then it was September 2011. And then we got down to business![/quote]