NIGHT'S DOMINION #1-5 (Ted Naifeh)

Suite à la conclusion des aventures de Princess Ügg, le talentueux Ted Naifeh (Courtney Crumrin) poursuit sa collaboration avec le petit éditeur Oni Press et dévoile son nouveau projet, Night’s Dominion, qu’il décrit comme une aventure de super-héros se déroulant dans un univers d’heroic fantasy.

Comme toutes les bonnes histoires de Donjons & Dragons, Night’s Dominion rassemble plusieurs individualités en mal d’argent dans une quête qui les amènera à « sauver l’âme de la civilisation ». Le groupe comprend l’héroïne principale la Nuit ; la Furie (« à quoi ressemble un Batman de fantasy ? ») ; l’Assassin ; et le Magus.

Précisons que Ted Naifeh s’occupera intégralement de la partie artistique de la série (dessin, encrage et même couleur) pour l’occasion.

Le premier numéro sort le 7 septembre 2016 aux États-Unis.


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[quote]I love superheroes, and I’ve always wanted to do a superhero book. But I wanted to give it a unique twist. Steampunk superheroes have been done, but it occurred to me that superheroes in a fantasy universe would be different and unique. That led me to the idea of basing my heroes on D&D character classes.

But as the idea developed, I realized that it wasn’t enough to just go back to medieval times, or to Middle-Earth. That just changes the scenery. The more I thought about what inspires the whole concept of superheroes in the first place, the more I was drawn to the ancient world where myths take place. What is Superman but the latest in a long line of semi-divine supermen like Beowulf, Hercules, Sampson, and a dozen others? I wanted to set my heroes in a world where such myths could be born.[/quote]

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[quote]Night’s Dominion #3
Emerane and her companions narrowly escape the Cult of Uhlume and the relentless Furie, exhausted but no richer for their efforts. Going their separate ways into in the pitiless streets of Umber, they each find a dead end waiting. Now penniless, Emerane’s quest to free her younger brother from debtor’s prison seems more hopeless than ever. Until a possible solution comes from the most unlikely ally imaginable—the Furie himself. But his help comes with a dangerous price.[/quote]

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Ci-dessous, les recherches de Ted Naifeh pour la série Night’s Dominion :

[quote]I never had any interest in stories that rush from one action sequence to another. If you don’t know or care who the characters are, it’s not really a plot, just a bunch of stuff happening. Every good story needs time to sit with the characters and let the plot take effect on them. I’m not talking about exposition, where the characters yammer incessantly and the plot gets needlessly complicated. Nor am I talking about characters telling one another how they feel in excruciating detail. That’s just lazy writing. I mean epic character moments.

Rorschach acknowledging that his view of good and evil is nothing more than a desperate attempt to impose meaning on his pointless suffering. Or Furiosa realizing that there’s no green place to escape to. Quiet moments can speak volumes. Plot is just the characters revealing who they are, transforming, and discovering truths about themselves. It doesn’t really matter whether they do it through violent action or just sitting on a toilet. If it’s powerful enough, the reader doesn’t even notice the difference. But if the transformations and truths are weak, then world-shattering explosions don’t make a difference. They just provide a cheap distraction. Which never works for long.

A well-crafted whisper can shatter worlds more effectively than any explosion.[/quote]

[size=200]INTERVIEW DE TED NAIFEH[/size]


Written by: Ted Naifeh.

Art by: Dave Ted Naifeh.

Covers by: Ted Naifeh.

Description: The battle for the city of Umber has begun! Ermerane finds himself standingbetween the city she hates and total annihilation, and must decide if Umber, cruel and corrupt though it may be, deserves its fate. But the faces of terrified citizens make her decision easy. She finds herself fighting alongside the Furie himself, a swell as her companions: the Asp, the Magus, and the Acolyte, each of whom reveal a hidden power. But will they be enough? Against the overwhelming might of death’s army, is there any hope of victory?

Pages: 32.

Price: $3.99.

In stores: Jan. 18. [/quote]

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