REVENGE #1-4 (Jonathan Ross / Ian Churchill)

Le présentateur télévisé Jonathan Ross, scénariste de « Turf » et « America’s Got Powers », poursuit sa collaboration avec l’éditeur Image Comics pour sa nouvelle mini-série « The Revenger » illustrée par Ian Churchill.

« The Revenger » raconte la déchéance de la star de cinéma Griffin Franks alors qu’il décide de se venger de ceux qui l’ont fait chuter de son Piédestal. Le premier numéro sortira le 26 février 2014. Un pré-visuel du premier numéro sera disponible avec « Elephantmen #52 » de décembre.

[quote]The more time you spend on the Hollywood B-list (or in Griffin Franks’ case, the C-list), the more the value of being on the top of the heap increases, but with fame comes an increased number of enemies, too. A new series of violence and vengeance in the Hollywood Hills, THE REVENGER #1 from JONATHAN ROSS (TURF, AMERICA’S GOT POWERS) and IAN CHURCHILL (MARINEMAN) is the beginning of a face-off between one man and the people who took away his dream.

When Franks shoots to the top of his game and gains the recognition and Hollywood fame he’s always dreamed of, he becomes a target. He’s a star celebrity, his movie’s a hit, and his wife leaves men drooling in her wake. But just when he feels like he’s finally “made it” someone decides to rip the rug out from underneath him… and the face off his skull.

Praise for Jonathan Ross:
“Jonathan Ross is not a name that many comic fans are familiar with. To many, he just seemed like another celebrity sneaking into the world of comics because it’s the cool thing to do nowadays. Then he wrote Turf and it was really good. Really, really good. Now, he’s got America’s Got Powers and proves he is no one trick pony. It’s well written, expertly paced, and incredibly engaging.” --Benjamin Bailey, IGN

“Ross throws a lot of things at the reader, but never do they feel overwhelmed. Ross frames the story in a way that slowly peels the layers back on the history while also subtly throwing hints at the way the world works.” --Kevin Finnigan, Comic Book Therapy

“Superb writing, Mr. Ross.” --Tommy Hancock, Fanboy Buzz

“[Jonathan Ross] shows a gift for plot and dialogue.” --Chuck’s Comic of the Day

Join Griffin Franks on his quest for revenge in THE REVENGER #1, which will be available in stores on February 26, 2014 for $2.99. Pre-orders can be placed using Diamond Code DEC130487.

A preview of THE REVENGER #1 will appear in ELEPHANTMEN #52, by Richard Starkings and Alex Medellin, on sale 12/4. [/quote]

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Le premier « teaser » diffusé il y a quelques mois:

La série « The Revenger » a changé de titre et devient « Revenge ». Le scénariste Jonathan Ross illustre la couverture variante du premier numéro qui sera distribuée uniquement par Forbidden Planet.


Voici les premières pages de "Revenge #1" publiées dans « Elephantmen #56 » en décembre dernier:

[quote=« Jonathan Ross »]I’ve attached his IMDB! I got the guys who own it to mock one up for us. I really want to see some of those films. Especially « the Astronomicon! »

My model for him was kind of based on those rugged actors like Jack Palance, Henry Silva, Charles Bronson, with a tiny drop of Stallone for good measure. What if they’d enjoyed only a small degree of success, just enough to enable them being a selfish asshole? Then they suddenly, late in life, hit it big… wouldn’t they be keen to hold onto it, no matter the cost? That’s what Griffin’s fourth wife Candy hopes. But she has a reason for wanting to inflict pain on him. She is the one who, initially, is out for revenge…[/quote]


[quote=« Jack! »]La série « The Revenger » a changé de titre et devient « Revenge ». Le scénariste Jonathan Ross illustre la couverture variante du premier numéro qui sera distribuée uniquement par Forbidden Planet.


Je dis ça, je dis rien…


[quote]REVENGE #2
Written by: Jonathan Ross.
Art by: Ian Churchill.
Cover by: Ian Churchill.
Description: Griffin Frank is pissed. A doctor outside of Mexico City has removed his face and fingerprints and grafted them onto the young lover of his porn-star wife. Mad with pain, Griffin begins to believe he is The Revenger. And someone’s going to pay.
Pages: 32.
Price: $2.99.
In stores: March 26. [/quote]


[quote]REVENGE #3
Written by: Jonathan Ross.
Art by: Ian Churchill.
Covers by: Ian Churchill.
Description: With Ignatio the surgically enhanced dwarf as an unexpected ally and a new face stolen from a dead dog, Griffin Franks’ luck is finally looking up! But he still has to fight his way past a gang of corrupt killer cops and get back to Hollywood if he is going to get what he wants most in the world: Revenge!
Pages: 32.
Price: $2.99.
In stores: May 7. [/quote]


[quote]Revenge #4
Story by Jonathan Ross
Art by Ian Churchill
Cover by Ian Churchill
Publisher Image Comics
Cover Price: $2.99
Release Date Wed, June 11th, 2014
MINISERIES CONCLUSION! Griffin Franks is finished, done for, as good as dead. At least that’s what his trophy wife Candy believes. But she’s wrong. When Griffin’s beloved dog Lobo dies in his arms, the trigger is pulled—“If you wrong us, shall we not revenge?” You bet your ass he will…[/quote]