SAVAGE SQUAD 6 #1-2 (Robert Venditti, Brockton McKinney / Dats Dalton)


Dark Horse Comics is set to take readers on a deadly mission this June with their new action-adventure-horror comic: Savage Squad 6.

The series is written by Robert Venditti (Superman ’78, Hal Jordan and the Green Lantern Corps) and Brockton McKinney (Jenny Zero), with interior art and cover art by Dalts Dalton, color by Geraldo Filho (Jenny Zero II) and lettering by Micah Myers (Youth, It’s Only Teenage Wasteland).

The official synopsis for the series is as follows: The year is 2037. A brutal world war has left humanity in shambles. The remnants of civilization are tracked down and systematically eliminated by The Scourge. For the people of the central colonies, only one hope remains, an elite team of warrior women deployed into the deadliest location on the planet: Savage Squad 6!

“Brock and I have been writing together for years, and we’ve been friends even longer,” says writer Robert Venditti. “For the first McDitti collaboration, we wanted to bring all the fun and abandon of ‘80s-‘90s action films to comics. Savage Squad 6 is everything we love about explosive firefights, impossible odds, and heroes who never say die.”

Issue 1 (of 4) of the series will be in comic shops June 28, 2023. It is available for pre-order now at your local comic shop for $3.99.


(W) Robert Venditti, Brockton McKinney (A) Dalts Dalton

Shaken by a loss, the Savages move deeper into the Chernobyl exclusion zone, keeping their eyes out for any lingering Scourge presence. But it quickly becomes apparent that the area’s lethal radiation is the least of their worries. Something is stalking the squad, something hungry. As it closes in, the Savages will have to live up to their name, or they’ll never make it out alive.

In Shops: Aug 16, 2023

SRP: $3.99