Writer: Sarah Gailey.

Artist: Pius Bak.

Cover artists: Kevin Tong, Becca Carey, Jenny Frison, Leila del Duca.

  • What unspeakable horror eats away at the heart of Crestfall Bluffs?

  • With law school and her whole life ahead of her, Joeyplans to summer with her boyfriend Astor in his seemingly perfect hometown of Crestfall Bluffs.

  • It’s a chance to finally meet Astor’s family and childhoodfriends, all while enjoying a vacation with every need attended to by servants.

  • But beneath the affluent perfection lies a dark, deadlyrot… will Joey discover the truth before it’s toolate, and if she does, can she survive to tell the tale?



Writer: Jeff Jensen.

Artist: George Schall.

Cover artist: George Schall.

  • Everyone knows the tragic assassination of Abraham Lincoln, but what about the foiled attempt in his first year of presidency?

  • In 1861, America’s greatest detective saved the life of her country’s greatest president… this is her true story.

  • At a time when the American experiment was at a crossroads, and the man tasked with healing the nation was under constant threat, only one detective was armed with the extraordinary cleverness and versatility to thwart the attempt on his life.

  • Her name was Kate Warne – America’s first woman detective.

  • The stunning story of the one detective who forever changed the course of American history, perfect for fans of Pulp and Velvet.



Writer: Ryan Parrott.

Artist: Dan Mora.

Cover artists: InHyuk Lee, Eleonora Carlini, Rian Gonzales, Dan Mora, Junggeun Yoon.

  • Discover Zordon’s ties to Bandora’s Palace on theMoon - the modern home of Rita Repulsa.

  • When an assassin is sent to disrupt the Eltarians efforts to protect an ancient weapon Zordon is injured in the process and his mentor, Zophram, must make a decision that will alter the future of the Power Rangers as we know it!



Writers: Ryan Parrott, Rachel Wagner.

Artist: Moisés Hidalgo.

Cover artists: Matteo Scalera, Daniele di Nicuolo, Goni Montes.

  • Yale, the Omega Rangers’ alien companion, embarkson a solo mission to protect a group of kids fromthe terrors of Safehaven.

  • Guided by the voice of the Blue Emissary, Yale will travel closer to his destiny… but what does this mean for the Omega Rangers?



Writers: Evan Narcisse, Austin Walker.

Artist: Daniel Bayliss.

Cover artists: Daniel Bayliss, Rahzzah, Oliver Barrett.

  • The New Day are finally a team… but something is missing!

  • Discover how the New Day came out of the shadows andinto a beautiful moment of high-flying, hip-gyrating, trombone-playing chaos to find strengthin the power of authenticity.

  • Will they be able to stay true when The Shield challenge them to an all-out epic Philadelphia Flapjack Match?



Writers: Brian Herbert, Kevin J. Anderson.

Artist: Dev Pramanik.

Cover artists: Evan Cagle, Christian Ward.

  • Was foul play involved in Leto’s father’s untimelydeath? Follow the new Duke Atreides as he stops at nothing to find out.

  • Power, lies, and corruption continue as Baron Harkonnen hatches a plan to frame Leto for an attack on the Tleilaxu even as Shaddam prepares to usurp the throne from his father once and for all.



Writers: Brian Herbert, Kevin J. Anderson.

Artist: Dev Pramanik.

Cover artist: Mike Del Mundo.

  • The official prequel to the groundbreaking Dune continues in the first-ever graphic fiction adaptation of Dune: House Atreides.

  • Leto Atreides brings news of the revolt brewing onIx, but the city’s leaders make a decision that may threaten everyone, while Crown Prince Shaddam plotsto overtake it.

  • Collects Dune: House Atreides #5-8.



Writer: Jed MacKay

Artist: Ig Guara

Cover artists: Qistina Khalidah, Andrew Robinson, Nimit Malavia, Ornella Savarese. Christian Ward.

  • Who will Ral, Kaya, and Vraska encounter on Dominaria?

  • The answer will scatter the Planeswalkers across themultiverse as the race to find out who is behind the attacks on Ravnica continues!

  • The answer may lie with one of the oldest living Planeswalkers…



Writer: Jed MacKay.

Artist: Ig Guara.

Cover artist: Matteo Scalera.

  • Who is behind the attacks on three of Ravnica’s Planeswalkers?

  • Across the vast Multiverse, those gifted with a « spark » can tap into the raw power of Magic and travel across realms – they are Planeswalkers, and they are being targeted.

  • When coordinated assassination attempts on Guildmasters Ral Zarek, Vraska, and Kaya rock the city of Ravnica, leaving Jace Beleren’s life hanging in the balance, a fuse is lit that threatens not just these three Guilds, but the entire plane of Ravnica.

  • This hardcover collects Magic #1-5.



Writer: Jeremy Lambert.

Artists: Ramon Bachs, Valentina Pinti, Mariana Ignazzi.

Cover artist: David Lopez.

  • Buffy meets…;Buffy?! Everything you ever though tyou knew about Buffy changes when the secret of the multiverse is revealed!

  • The team of Jordie Bellaire,Jeremy Lambert and Ramon Bachs deliver the most shocking Buffy comic book of all time.

  • Collects Buffy the Vampire Slayer #23-26.



Writer: Jeremy Lambert.

Artist: Marianna Ignazzi.

Cover artists: Frany, Vasco Georgiev, Sam Beck.

  • What sacrifices will have to be made to save Buffy from a world-shaking discovery?

  • The true nature of the Mayor and Dorothy’s plan isrevealed and Scoobies and Slayers alike must band together to stop them, but not everyone will do sowillingly.

  • Meanwhile, the Council’s machinations continue to impact the group’s past, present, and most importantly future!



Writer: Greg Pak

Artist: Jahnoy Lindsay.

Cover artists: Bengal, Kai Carpenter, Jakub Rebelka.

  • Can the legacy of Shepherd Book unite two men anda new world?

  • Lank and Mal had very different relationships with Shepard, but his lessons to each of them may be critical for taking on the moral challenges of this world.

  • Will their individual bonds with Shepard Book bringthem together, and bring Mal back into the world?



Writer: Josh Lee Gordon.

Artist: Fabiana Mascolo.

Cover artists: Qistina Khalidah, Veronica Fish, Frany.

  • The Final Battle is here! Who will come out the otherside?

  • Zoe and Emma’s struggle to reunite may result in farreaching effects on a new system while Inara’s roleis still in question.

  • A trap is set… but is it for Emma and her crew orBlue Sun?



Writer: LaToya Morgan.

Artist: Walt Barna.

Cover artist: Valentine De Landro, Juni Ba, Taurin Clarke.

  • Does even the kindness of strangers come with a cost?

  • Avery has adjusted to his post WWII life in Alabamabut when an altercation with some local boys leaves him hurt, an unlikely bystander steps in…a white man.

  • And while Carlisle, a university doctor, not onlyoffers Avery immediate first aid but free ongoingmedical care… nothing is truly free, not even a stranger’skindness.



Writer: Saladin Ahmed.

Artist: Sami Kivela.

Cover artist: Taj Tenfold.

  • Elena Abbott is a tough-as-nails reporter with growing powers, but can she save the soul of an entire city?

  • It’s 1973 and Abbott’s focused on the most important election in the city’s history.

  • It will take everything she’s got to find who (orwhat) is using dark magic to sabotage the campaignof the prospective first Black mayor of Detroit and stop them dead in their tracks.

  • Collects Abbott: 1973 #1-5.



Writer: Kieron Gillen.

Artist: Dan Mora.

Cover artists: Dan Mora, Christian Ward.

  • Is it possible that King Arthur and Merlin can save England from…King Arthur(s) and Merlin(s)!!! A very strange war is a brewin’ indeed.

  • The Otherworld and our world have collided and Englandis ground zero for the chaos!

  • Bridgette has spent her whole life fighting to preventthis future from happening, but now that it’s arrived she’s at a loss. Fortunately, she has Duncan by herside, and he’s not about to let Gran give up.



Writer: Matthew Erman.

Artist: Stefano Simeone.

Cover artists: Jorge Corona, Caspar Wijngaard.

  • You’ve got to ask yourself one question: « Do I Feel Lucky? »

  • The Unfortunates finally strike upon some Good Luck, though they have disappeared from the Kismet Zone.

  • Will Artie, Cherry, and Hilde uncover the reason behind their disappearance and be able to hold onto their luck, or is time running out for them?


EVE #4

Writer: Victor LaValle.

Artist: Jo Mi-Gyeong.

Cover artists: Ario Anindito, Jonboy Meyers, Micaela Dawn.

  • Even humanity’s last hope needs a little help sometimes.

  • The Vault is in sight and Eve’s come farther thanany before her, but the last leg of her journey willtest her to her core. Thankfully, she isn’t alone… with hernewly discovered sister by her side.

  • Wexler has dodged the bullet, literally, and is inhot pursuit of the pair. Will he catch up to themand dash humanity’s last chance?



Writer: James Tynion IV.

Artist: Werther Dell’Edera.

Cover artist: Werther Dell’Edera.

  • Children in a sleepy Wisconsin town begin to go missing with most never returning, and those that do have disturbing stories of horrific creatures that live in the shadows.

  • There is one person that believes the children and claims to be the only who sees what they can see. Her name is Erica Slaughter. She kills monsters. Thisis all she does, and she bears the cost because itmust be done.

  • Collects Something is Killing the Children #1-15 ina single deluxe edition hardcover for the first time.



Writer: James Tynion IV.

Artist: Werther Dell’Edera.

Cover artist: Werther Dell’Edera.

  • Children in a sleepy Wisconsin town begin to go missing with most never returning, and those that do have disturbing stories of horrific creatures that live in the shadows.

  • There is one person that believes the children and claims to be the only who sees what they can see. Her name is Erica Slaughter. She kills monsters. This is all she does, and she bears the cost because it must be done.

  • Collects Something is Killing the Children#1-15 in a single deluxe edition hardcover for the first time. This limited edition will feature an exclusive slipcase and be limited to its first printing.



Writer: James Tynion IV.

Artist: Werther Dell’Edera.

Cover artists: Werther Dell’Edera, Danny Luckert.

  • Erica must play the Game of Nowhere, a secretive bindingritual of the Order of St. George, but not everyone wants her to succeed.

  • And it’s much more than a game; it is an important,yet dangerous part of a hunter’s initiation… and not all students survive the process.

  • Will Erica pass? And if so, at what cost?



Writer: Cullen Bunn.

Artist: Jonas Scharf.

Cover artists: Jonas Scharf, Rod Reis, Rafael Albuquerque.

  • Is there no end to the Chimera’s reign of terror?

  • Regan, a former member of the Chimera, and her pastvictim Hannah continue the hunt for Regan’s brethren, but the shared memories that haunt themboth may put an end to their quest.

  • Meanwhile, cornered the other Chimera may have mettheir match… the State Police.

32 pages, $3.99.


Writer: Ram V.

Artist: Filipe Andrade.

Cover artists: Filipe Andrade, Nimit Malavia, Martin Simmonds.

  • What will Laila Starr do when she’s finally giventhe chance to resume the mantle of Death?

  • Finding herself back in the world, Laila searchesout Darius and discovers that for the first time shewill be witnessing the death of someone close to her.

  • When they are both given a chance at immortality,their individual decisions lead to a surprising and touching series finale.



Writer: Clay McLeod Chapman.

Artist: Jakub Rebelka.

Cover artist: Jakub Rebelka.

  • Can humanity’s last hope for salvation be the veryperson that destroyed it?

  • One thousand years after humans have gone extinctand artificial intelligence has taken over the world, a single man is brought back to life – David Adams, thegenius whose technology was responsible for the destruction of his species.

  • Together with Chloe, his first creation and the androidthat revived him, David fights against the AI overlords as he seeks to discover if humanity can – or should – have any kind of future.

  • Collects Origins #1-6.



Writer: Tom Taylor.

Artist: Daniele Di Nicuolo.

Cover artists: Daniele Di Nicuolo, Junggeun Yoon, Miguel Mercado.

  • The Order’s secrets are bestowed to Eva and as a resultan impossible discovery is made, changing everything in its wake.

  • Will Eva be able keep this knowledge from Caspar andfight alongside him to escape the Seeker’s ultimate plot?

  • Stay calm and carry on, as they may just get somehelp from the Queen of England herself.



Writer: Tom Taylor.

Artist: Daniele Di Nicuolo.

Cover artist: Daniele Di Nicuolo.

  • As the Order teeters on the brink of extinction Caspar and the remaining Keepers and Holders find refuge in the Faerie realm, where he will discover the complicated truth about his own origins.

  • With this revelation the first secret is unleashedand the time for hiding is over. It’s time to take the fight to the Seekers!

  • Collects Seven Secrets #7-12.



Writer: James Tynion IV.

Artist: Michael Dialynas.

Cover artists: Michael Dialynas, Rian Gonzales, Veronics Fish.

  • The fates of both Wynd and the Faerie City hang inthe balance!

  • Everyone converges on the Faerie City, including Basil,Titus, and Ash, who unknowingly bring with them a greater threat – Vampyres!

  • Can everyone work together to defend the city fromthe Vampyre threat?



Writer: Bones Leopard.

Artists: Kelly Matthews, Nichole Matthews.

Cover artists: Kelly Matthews, Nichole Matthews, Stephanie Gonzaga.

  • Even as Gigi is still reeling from the revelations about the Lovely Trio, she’ll have to pull it together to rescue her brother Shawn!

  • And the only place she can turn to for help is Miaand the Cosmic Federation, who will need Gigi ifthey ever hope to expose the truth about the Lovely Trio…



Writer: Sas Milledge

Artist: Sas Milledge

Cover artists: Sas Milledge, Trung Le Nguyen.

  • Hedge witch Orla has returned home after her grandmother’sdeath to find that her mislaid bones are wreaking havoc all across Haresden!

  • Mamo’s graves must be brought together in order togive her spirit and the town some peace.

  • Can Orla shoulder the responsibility of quieting her Mamo’s spirit and saving her hometown?



Writers: Bowen McCurdy, Kaitlyn Musto.

Artist: Bowen McCurdy.

Cover artist: Bowen McCurdy.

  • Meet true believer Noa, her cynical little sibling Gus, credulous camera man Ko, and skeptical Astrid. Together they head to one of the most haunted townsin America to prove that ghosts exist, armed with little more than their wits, their cell phones, andan EMF reader they bought online.

  • Their investigations uncover more than a few coolsocial media posts. Relationships will be put to thetest, as century-old sinister secrets of the town itselfare revealed!

  • Collects Specter Inspectors #1-5.



Writer: R. L. Stine.

Artist: Irene Flores.

Cover artist: Julian Todesco.

  • There’s no business like horror business, it’s a realnightmare!

  • Ruthie and Ezra’s dreams come true when their familybuys an old Hollywood studio, but it soon turns into a nightmare as they discover the secret and forgotten horrors are more than just makeup and special effects.

  • Monstrosity Studios was the biggest name in horrormovies until it closed down years ago. As the Dillon family starts production back up, strange « accidents » start to happen on set and things get truly scary!

  • Will they survive the very real terrors of a haunted movie lot, or will they find themselves on the cutting room floor?