Writer: Jeremy Lambert

Artist: TBA

Cover artists: Frany, Joe Quinones, W. Scott Forbes.

  • The biggest Buffy story of the century starts here.

  • The truth about Buffy, the Scooby Gang and their very existence is revealed in this jaw-dropping anniversary issue.

  • But what is their connection to (SPOILER) and how does it connect to (SPOILER)?

  • Every answer only leads to more questions…and straight to the Big(gest) Bad you never saw coming.



Writer: Jordie Bellaire, Jeremy Lambert.

Artist: Andres Genolet, Ramon Bachs, Eleonora Carlini.

Cover artist: Kevin Wada.

  • Anya has a secret connection to the Watcher’s Council and it leads to… the first full appearance of the Slayer who came before Buffy??? And the truth behind Anya’s mysterious past connects Buffy(s) - yes, plural - in ways no one ever saw coming…

  • Plus, discover the shocking truth behind the Slayer known as Faith!

  • Collects Buffy the Vampire Slayer #21-22, Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Faith #1.



Writer: James Tynion IV

Artist: Michael Dialynas

Cover artists: Michael Dialynas, Rian Gonzales, Mirka Andolfo.

  • The hit series returns as Wynd, Oakley, Thorn, and Yorik take the next step in their dangerous quest.

  • But what is the secret behind Wynd’s terrifying visions?

  • Meanwhile, back in Pipetown, the dying King Yossar does the unthinkable in his attempt to bring Yorik home – letting Vampyres into the city for the first time in generations.


EVE #1

Writer: Victor LaValle.

Artist: Jo Mi-Gyeong.

Cover artists: Ario Anindito, Mirka Andolfo, Yuko Shimizu, InHyuk Lee.

  • A new adventure series about a dangerous journey across a future dystopian America to save the world.

  • When the ice caps melted, most of humanity was lost to the hidden disease that was released.

  • Now, a mysterious girl named Eve has awoken in secret and must deal with a world that’s nothing like the virtual reality she was raised in.

  • In order to save her real father, Eve must embark on a deadly quest across the country, but she has no idea of the threats that await her - or the price she will pay to restore life to a dying planet…



Writer: Jed MacKay.

Artist: Ig Guara.

Cover artists: Matteo Scalera, Daniel Warren Johnson, Michael Walsh, Jahnoy Lindsay, Ig Guara, Kael Ngu, Inhyuk Lee.

  • With their homes rocked by an attack - and Jace Beleren’s life hanging in the balance - Planeswalkers Kaya, Ral and Vraska must discover who is behind it all.

  • But as they begin to suspect one of Ravnica’s biggest Guilds is behind the attack, it becomes clear their enemy may be plotting something even more destructive…



Writer: Ryan Parrott.

Artist: Marco Renna.

Cover artists: InHyuk Lee, Eleonora Carlini, Goni Montes.

  • It’s The New Mighty Morphin Team versus…The New Green Ranger!

  • But whoever’s left standing will have to deal with Lord Zedd’s shocking machinations.

  • And his even more surprising ally.



Writer: Ryan Parrott.

Artist: Francesco Mortarino.

Cover artists: Matteo Scalera, Daniele di Nicuolo, Peach Momoko.

  • The New Power Rangers and Drakkon are on the run in space, but they must find new allies if they want to defeat the Empyreals.

  • But that means trusting someone they’re not sure is friend or foe if they are to save the universe.

  • And then…there’s Drakkon.



Writer: Greg Pak.

Artist: Guillermo Sanna.

Cover artists: Bengal, Gabriel Hernandez Walta.

  • The new era of Firefly continues!

  • The crew of Serenity need to go where the Alliance can’t reach them.

  • And that one place may be The-Earth-That-Was, a strange world filled with ancient artifacts, a new civilization and…maybe some semblance of hope.

  • Well, if Captain Kaylee and Captain Mal can somehow get along…



Writer: Greg Pak.

Artist: Dan McDaid.

Cover artist: Christian Ward.

  • The shiny special collector’s edition.

  • The first-ever Firefly event returns in a new edition collecting the opening and closing chapters.

  • Sheriff Mal Reynolds has a new partner-a law enforcing robot from the Blue Sun corporation, but Mal isn’t about to play by their rules.

  • There is only one thing to do: reunite the crew of the Serenity for one last impossible job to save the 'Verse!

  • Collects Firefly: Blue Sun Rising #0 and Firefly: Blue Sun Rising #1.



Writer: Josh Lee Gordon.

Artist: Fabiana Mascolo.

Cover artists: Qistina Khalidah, Veronica Fish, Dani.

  • The Serenity soars once again, 20 years after the events of Firefly, and Zoe must complete the most important mission of her life: keeping her daughter Emma safe.

  • But Emma doesn’t see herself as needing protection and aims to misbehave in ways that are mighty familiar…

  • Which wouldn’t be such a problem if the Blue Sun Corporation hadn’t caught up to Serenity.



Writer: Brian Herbert, Kevin J. Anderson.

Artist: Dev Pramanik.

Cover artists: Evan Cagle, Jonas Scharf.

  • Leto has narrowly escaped death after an unexpected revolt on Ix and must now protect Rhombus and Kailea Vernius, children of the planet’s rulers.

  • While the Duke welcomes them with open arms, his wife Lady Helena is rebuffed and skeptical that housing them could bring more harm than good.

  • Duncan Idaho is welcomed into Castle Atreides and discovers all may not be well…



Writer: Brian Herbert & Kevin J. Anderson

Artist: Dev Pramanik Cover

Artist: JG Jones

  • The official prequel to the groundbreaking Dune.

  • Welcome to the far future on the desert planet Arrakis where Pardot Kynes seeks its secrets.

  • Meanwhile, a violent coup is planned by the son of Emperor Elrood; an eight-year-old slave Duncan Idaho seeks to escape his cruel masters; and a young man named Leto Atreides begins a fateful journey.

  • This limited edition is limited to 500 copies and collects Dune: House Atreides #1-4.

Price TBA.


Writer: Al Ewing.

Artist: Simone Di Meo.

Cover artists: Simone Di Meo, Toni Infante, Bengal, Mike Del Mundo.

  • Fifty years have passed since Captain Malik and the crew of the Vihaan II embarked on their fateful mission - and the universe has changed in ways no one ever expected.

  • Jason Hauer, one of the fated Vihaan II crew, is now 71 years old and living a life on the razor’s edge between the Harvesters and the Worshippers. But as these rival religious factions clash throughout the galaxy, Jason finds himself thrown into the center of the chaos and forced to confront his tortured past.

  • But the only people who can help Jason have their own secret agenda - one that may bring him face to face with Captain Malik in ways beyond comprehension…



Writer: James Tynion IV.

Artist: Werther Dell’Edera.

Cover artists: Werther Dell’Edera, Jenny Frison, Toni Infante, Jenny Frison.

  • The story you demanded begins here: the origin of Erica Slaughter!

  • What shocking events brought Erica to the House of Slaughter?

  • …and what did she have to do to join the Order of St. George?

  • The secrets are revealed here for the first time in this perfect jumping-on point for new readers.



Writer: Kieron Gillen.

Artist/cover artist: Dan Mora.

  • As the tether between our world and the Otherworld grows dangerously thin, Bridgette and Duncan are determined to stay one step ahead of Arthur and Merlin’s plans…though this time it may not be enough.

  • To prevent more chaos, Bridgette, Duncan, and Rose must fight harder than ever to keep things secret, but it’s a modern era and Merlin’s secrets may not stay hidden very long…

  • Collects Once & Future #13-18.



Writer: Ram V.

Artist: Filipe Andrade.

Cover artist: Filipe Andrade, Mike Del Mundo, Jeff Dekal.

  • The avatar of Death now exists in the mortal world as twenty-something Laila Starr after humanity begins the path to discovering immortality.

  • Years pass, and Laila unexpectedly meets the boy who will change everything at one of the formative moments in his life.

  • Laila must decide what she truly wants from him - and how far these revelations will push her…


ABBOTT: 1973 #5

Writer: Saladin Ahmed.

Artist: Sami Kivela.

Cover artists: Taj Tenfold, Raul Allen, Tula Lotay.

  • This is it - Elena vs. The Umbra, with the future of Detroit on the line.

  • But even if Elena can save those closest to her, nothing will ever be the same…

  • Final Issue.



Writer: Tom Taylor

Artist: Daniele di Nicuolo.

Cover artists: Daniele di Nicuolo, Vincenzo Riccardi, Miguel Mercado, Vincenzo Riccardi.

  • The Order has managed to find their way through the land of Faerie, but danger awaits them on the other side.

  • After experiencing such loss, can Caspar continue to keep his vow as a Holder to protect the Secrets before all else?



Writers: Grant Morrison, Alex Child.

Artist: Naomi Franquiz.

Cover artists: Naomi Franquiz, Chris Wildgoose, Christian Ward, James Harren.

  • The girls are supposed to stay out of trouble…and away from the haunted stretch of Proctor Valley Road.

  • But a stolen police car leads to the return of the Proctor Valley Bull and more danger than anyone could imagine…



Writer/artist: Maria Llovet

Cover artists: Maria Llovetl, Ariela Kristantina.

  • Lux reveals the truth to Teresa.

  • Teresa is poisoned.

  • And then things get really bad.



Writer: Amal El-Mohtar.

Artist: Isa Hanssen.

Cover artist: Peach Momoko, Dani Pendergast, Peach Momoko.

  • Meet Reynard, a wily but penniless fox who boasts to his learned friend Stork that he will make himself a fortune at the market, despite having nothing to sell but an empty pouch.

  • But Reynard’s scheme may come with terrible consequences, both for the customers he cons and for the con-man himself…

  • Award-winning author Amal El-Mohtar (This is How You Lose The Time War) and Isa Hanssen present the next standalone chapter of this Jim Henson-inspired epic limited series here, with a different acclaimed creative team on each issue!



Writer: Conor McCreery.

Artist: V.V. Glass.

Cover artists: V.V. Glass, Jorge Corona.

  • The final battle has arrived - Saoirse vs Badb!

  • With the full power of the Cailleach against her, can Saoirse avenge her hometown and protect her family from further tragedy?

  • Final issue.



Writers: Bowen McCurdy, Kaitlyn Musto.

Artist: Bowen McCurdy.

Cover artists: Bowen McCurdy, Erica Henderson.

  • The Spector Inspectors are on the trail of a demon and just met a ghost.

  • The problem is, that’s the good news.

  • Turns out Cape Grace has a whole lot of secrets and none of those are good.


ORCS! #4

Writer/artist/cover artist: Christine Larsen Cover

Cover artists: Sweeney Boo, Jorge Corona.

  • The Orcs have made it to safety! Yes!

  • Wait.

  • Looks like Bog, Zep, Pez, Utzu, and Gurh have a new battle ahead of them against an ancient evil from the Astral Plane.