Sollicitations oni press - novembre 2013
Written, art and cover by Bryan Lee O’Malley.
Raleigh doesn’t have a soul. A cat stole it – at least that’s what she tells people – at least that’s what she would tell people if she told people anything. But that would mean talking to people, and the mere thought of social interaction is terrifying. How did such a shy teenage girl end up in a car with three of her hooligan classmates on a cross-country road trip? Being forced to interact with kids her own age is a new and alarming proposition for Raleigh, but maybe it’s just what she needs – or maybe it can help her find what she needs – or maybe it can help her to realize that what she needs has been with her all along. This special hardcover edition of Bryan Lee O’Malley’s classic coming-of-age graphic novel includes previously uncollected shorts and extra bonus material.
176 pages, $24.99.

Written by Chris Roberson, art and cover by Scott Kowalchuk, Dan Jackson.
The Swinging Sixties are back, and they’re Stranger than ever! No one knows the Strange better than the Strangers. Michael, Verity, and Sandoval have seen it all – but there is always something even stranger waiting just around the corner. Mysterious temples, peculiar pop bands, and unidentified flying oddities are just a few of the things mystifying Absalom Quince and his team, sworn to protect the world from the Strange. This collection is perfect for longtime fans or for those not yet touched by the Strange! And a great addition to anyone’s secret-passageway-concealing bookcase!
152 pages, $19.99.
LETTER 44 #2
Written by Charles Soule, art by Alberto Alburquerque, Guy Major
A hundred million miles from home, trapped in a ship without power, the crew of the Clarke battles to repair their vessel before they run out of oxygen. Meanwhile, on Earth, President Blades tours Project Monolith, a secret research facility tasked to develop super-weapons to defeat an expected alien invasion.
32 pages, $3.99.
Written by Chris Roberson, art and cover by Scott Kowalchuk, Dan Jackson.
The Strangers have had their own close encounter with the beings in the « flying saucers » which have been terrorizing the American Midwest, revealed to be advance scouts for something called the « Tenth Imperium. » But are they from Earth, from outer space, or somewhere else entirely? And why have they come here?
32 pages, $3.99.
Written by Antony Johnston, art by Justin Greenwood, cover by Christopher Mitten.
The streets of the Artisian district run red with blood, as the branded man’s quest comes to an end. All shall be judged… and many found wanting. Who will survive? Is there any mercy in Marcus’ mysterious father? And just how is one noble in particular going to escape the city…?
32 pages, black and white, $3.99.