SPIDER-MAN (Sam Raimi) : la trilogie

Un oncle Ben = le principal point commun de Peter Parker & Franklin Richards (comme le faisait remarquer un Slott pré-ASM).

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« Uncle Ben’s are always right »

Ouais, c’est toujours un succès !

Bon, même si Uncle Ben’s devient Ben’s original…



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Ken Penders
: « Before Tobey & Sam were bid adieu by Sony, work actually had begun on SPIDER-MAN 4, and I visited friends who were working on the Vulture’s costume intended for actor John Malkovich. Once production shut down, all materials were turned in. I’ve sat on this for almost 15 years. »

« My bad. It seems I DID have a pic where the John Malkovich body mold can clearly be seen as well as a pic showing the controls to manipulate the wings.The things one finds lying around on hard drives I haven’t looked at for awhile & did so while searching for something else. »