TALES FROM HARROW COUNTY : FAIR FOLK #1 (Cullen Bunn / Emily Schnall)

Après Death’s Choir l’année dernière, Cullen Bunn annonce un nouveau Conte de Harrow County.
La mini-série Fair Folk sera dessinée par Emily Schnall et sera publiée à partir de juillet.

Fresh off the loss of her goblin friend to a strange portal, Bernice must weigh her responsibilities as protector of Harrow County with her desire to get her companion back safe and sound. But the past weighs heavily and the fair folk use Bernice’s and her memories against her. And something more disastrous than she could have feared may be around the corner to threaten both the worlds of humans and of haints.


Cullen Bunn :

It’s been too long since we’ve visited Harrow. But I’m so glad that this is the story that will welcome us back! There’s a big world to be explored, and this time around we’re delving into the realm of the fey folk as much as the realm of the haints. We’re going to answer a few questions, too, such as how Bernice dealt with her dear friend Emmy leaving. This time out, we’re joined by Emily Schnall, who fits right in among the good folks of Harrow. I absolutely love her version of these characters, and I think longtime fans of the book will love her work, too!