THE CONJURING : THE LOVER #1-5 (Johnson-McGoldrick, Ogle / Garry Brown)

DC inaugurera sa nouvelle collection de comics d’horreur (nommée tout simplement DC Horror) avec une mini-série dérivée de l’univers des films The Conjuring.

The Conjuring : The Lover est un préquelle du troisième long métrage à venir, Conjuring 3 : Sous l’emprise du Diable. Le titre est écrit par David Leslie Johnson-McGoldrick (scénariste du film) et Rex Ogle et dessiné par Garry Brown (Babyteeth). Chaque numéro proposera une back-up, la première étant signée par Scott Snyder et Denys Cowan.

Le #1 sortira en juin. Ci-dessous, la couverture par Bill Sienkiewicz :


Aperçu :





The terrifying debut of the tie-in to The Conjuring: The Devil Made Me Do It begins here, with a story that’s bursting at the seams with clues about the new film.

Meet Jessica. Jessica just returned to her freshman year of college after winter break, bringing with her the anxieties of last semester’s poor grades, the awkwardness of facing a boy she wishes she’d never slept with, and an undeniably unnerving feeling of being watched.

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She soon comes to realize that something evil made her its target, and it will not rest until it has her in its unholy grip. But why did this sinister presence set its sights on a seemingly normal college freshman? Read this nerve-racking tale, creepily crafted by Conjuring screenwriter David L. Johnson-McGoldrick and Rex Ogle with heart-stopping art from Garry Brown and chill-inducing covers by Bill Sienkiewicz, to find out!

DC Horror Presents: The Conjuring: The Lover (2021-) #1

Written by David Leslie Johnson-McGoldrick, Rex Ogle, Scott Snyder
Pencils Garry Brown, Denys Cowan, Dave Johnson
Inks Garry Brown, Denys Cowan, Dave Johnson
Colored by Dave Johnson, Chris Sotomayor, Mike Spicer
Cover by Bill Sienkiewicz
Release Date : June 1, 2021




Jessica’s life begins to take a turn for the terrifying as she finds herself experiencing increasingly disturbing events at her college. Most troubling of all, she begins to suspect that the phenomena she’s experiencing could have an unsettling origin-her own psyche.
Plus, Che Grayson and Juan Ferreyra bring you another trip into the Warrens’ haunted artifact room for a double dose of dread!

DC Horror Presents: The Conjuring: The Lover (2021-) #2

Written by Che Grayson, David Leslie Johnson-McGoldrick, Rex Ogle
Pencils Garry Brown, Juan E. Ferreyra, Dave Johnson
Inks Garry Brown, Juan E. Ferreyra, Dave Johnson
Colored by Juan E. Ferreyra, Dave Johnson, Mike Spicer
Cover by Bill Sienkiewicz
Release Date: July 6, 2021




DC Horror Presents: The Conjuring: The Lover #3 Synopsis: Jessica’s dizzying descent into madness continues as she finds herself dealing with an act of violence she has no recollection of committing. To make matters worse, a crushing sense of isolation and paranoia drives her to the brink. Now, nearing emotional collapse, Jessica finds herself coming to terms with the terrifying reality that these ever-worsening events may not be the product of her deteriorating psyche, but of something else…something inhuman. Then, join us for a third terror-inducing tour of the Warrens’ haunted artifact museum and witness the spine-tingling origin of the accordion monkey by the dream team of Tim Seeley and Kelley Jones!

Rated T+

main story by David L. Johnson-McGoldrick and Rex Ogle

main story art by Garry Brown

2pg Ad art by Dave Johnson

Backup story by Che Grayson

Backup story art by Juan Ferreyra
Cover by Bill Sienkiewicz

ON SALE 8/3/21

Ages 17+ $3.99 US | 32 PAGES | FC | DC HORROR




DC Horror Presents: The Conjuring: The Lover #4

Written by: David Leslie Johnson-McGoldrick
Art by: Dave Johnson, Christopher Mitten, Garry Brown

Kicked out of college after nearly murdering a classmate, Jessica finds herself back home. Is something taking control of her actions and forcing her to behave violently, or is the secret she’s been keeping driving her mad? Plus, a terrifying tale of the haunted music box!




DC Horror Presents: The Conjuring: The Lover #5

Written by: Rex Ogle, David Leslie Johnson-McGoldrick
Art by: Dave Johnson, , Garry Brown

The fear-soaked finale! Manipulated by the Occultist, Jessica has done the unthinkable and murdered her best friend, but her torments are far from over. Then, in our final terrifying trip into the haunted artifact room, Domo Stanton tells the heart-stopping tale of the Occultist’s Chalice!