THE EVIL WITHIN #1-2 (Ian Edginton / Alex Sanchez)

Le scénariste anglais Ian Edginton et le dessinateur Alex Sanchez ont été engagés par l’éditeur Titan Comics pour s’occuper de l’adaptation comics du jeu vidéo The Evil Within.

Il s’agira de la troisième percée vidéo-ludique pour l’auteur puisqu’il s’est déjà occupé de l’adaptation des franchises Kane & Lynch et Deadspace.

[quote]Obviously I don’t want to give too much away, so this is going to be a broad strokes kind of thing. The miniseries centers on 20-something Dana Robinson. She’s had a rough time recently; her best friend Kate Mellor disappeared right in front of her, lost in a crowd. One minute she was there, the next she was gone, vanished without a trace. Several months on, and Dana’s not stopped looking for her. She’s dropped out of university and is on the brink of mental and physical exhaustion when she finds herself on strange road at night, way out in the middle of nowhere.

She crosses paths with Paul Carey, an ER doctor. He’d heard of Kate’s disappearance on the news, but says it was years ago and her mutilated body was eventually found. Paul himself is puzzled, as the last thing he remembers is catching a brief nap break at work before waking up in a booth in a nearby roadside diner.

This conundrum is the least of their worries though, as they quickly realize the world they’re in is not their own but a twisted reflection, populated by equally warped and gross inhabitants. It’s not just these beasts that are after them, but the actual environment itself that is demented and predatory. They meet several others along the way, who also find themselves trapped in this surreal world with no explanation as to how they got there. Despite this, Dana deduces that there’s a puzzle at the heart of it all, and if she can somehow solve it, then maybe they can escape. Or, maybe it’s all just a sick game.[/quote]


Le site de l’éditeur:

[quote]The Evil Within #3
Story by Ian Edginton
Art by Ed Anderson
Cover by Alex Sanchez
Publisher Titan Comics
Cover Price: $3.99
Release Date Wed, November 26th, 2014
Bethesda Software’s new survival horror game, The Evil Within™, has spawned a world of terror inhabited by a monstrous menagerie of horrific creatures, human and otherwise.
Into this mental multiverse stumbles Dana Robinson whose mind seems to hold the key to the horrors she encounters – but first she has to escape the cannibal affections of the voracious Chainsaw Man![/quote]