THE SECRET SERVICE #1-5 (Mark Millar, Vaughn / Dave Gibbons)

Depuis la fin de son second run sur la série The Ultimates, Mark Millar a décrété qu’il travaillerait uniquement sur ses projets personnels publiés par le label Icon de l’éditeur Marvel Comics.

Après Kick-Ass, Nemesis et Superior, le scénariste anglais lance The Secret Service sur une idée du réalisateur Matthew Vaughn et en collaboration avec une idole de sa jeunesse le dessinateur **Dave Gibbons **(Watchmen).

[quote]The Secret Service #2
Story by Mark Millar, Matthew Vaughn
Art by Dave Gibbons, Andy Lanning
Colors by Angus McKie
Cover by Dave Gibbons, Leinil Yu
Publisher Marvel Icon
Cover Price: $2.99
Release Date Wed, May 16th, 2012
The world’s greatest secret agent is on the most exciting case of his career. But will the end of the world as we know it take a back seat to training his street-punk nephew to be the next James Bond? The young man’s preparation now begins in earnest, saving him from a life of desperation. Meanwhile, what’s the secret link between a series of kidnapped science fiction stars and the murder of an entire town in Middle America?[/quote]

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STORY BY Mark Millar, Matthew Vaughn
ART BY Dave Gibbons, Andy Lanning
COVER BY Dave Gibbons
RELEASE DATE Wed, July 18th, 2012
It’s James Bond meets My Fair Lady as the world’s greatest spy trains his troubled nephew to leave his pathetic life behind and join the elite ranks of the British Secret Service. This issue features Jake’s uncle in a must-be-seen-to-be-believed action spectacle as he seeks to uncover the mystery behind actor Mark Hamill’s kidnapping and how it links to a dark secret from inside Mount Everest. At the same time, Jake is undergoing a training program like you’ve never seen before. It’s a dream come true for writer Mark Millar as he teams with Watchmen legend Dave Gibbons for the comic they conceived with Kick-Ass and X-Men First Class director Matthew Vaughn. DO NOT MISS!!

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Mark Millar (w) • Dave Gibbons (a/C)
Gary’s experience at spy school has gone south after too much teasing, so his Uncle Jack is taking matters into his own hands. Under Jack’s supervision, Gary begins to show his true colors and receives a great honor–going on a real mission with his uncle.Meanwhile, more secrets come to light about the worldwide disappearances of actors, writers and TV personalities.
32 PGS./Mature …$2.99

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Mark Millar (w) • Dave Gibbons (a/C)
Gary’s spy skills and confidence have blossomed. Now it’s time to put them to use where it matters most: on the home front, where his violent stepdad will finally meet his match. Meanwhile, it’s time for Jack to discover the truth behind the missing sci-fi celebrities. A grand conspiracy is revealed and illusions are shattered when a young entrepreneur unveils his secrets.
32 PGS./Mature …$2.99

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