THE STRINGBAGS (Garth Ennis / P.J. Holden)

The Stringbags

The Stringbags is an epic tale of young men facing death in an aircraft almost out of time. They lived as they flew, without a second to lose - and the greatest tributes to their courage would come from the enemy who strove to kill them.

  • Broché : 192 pages
  • Editeur : Naval Institute Press / Dead Reckoning (30 mai 2020)
  • Langue : Anglais

Garth Ennis :

« I’ve often said that the things that happen in war, out on the knife-edge of human experience, are bizarre and fantastic enough to utterly eclipse any fiction. The experiences of the Royal Navy’s Swordfish crews during the Second World War are a case in point; the actions fought by this handful of heroes in their frail old biplanes have had a lock on my imagination for most of my life. The Stringbags is the result. »

PJ Holden :

« There’s always a lot to enjoy working on one of Garth’s scripts, but one of the most surprisingly enjoyable is always the research. It’s at once thrilling, fascinating and sobering. And while you can’t let yourself become a slave to the research, I hope I’ve been able to convey what being part of the Fleet Air Arm might have felt like. »

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