THE WEB #1 (Dave White / ?)

Alors que la série The Shield de Dark Circle (Black Hood, The Fox) peine à faire ses débuts sur les étalages, Archie Comics révèle le titre de la dernière série en date de la collection: The Web.

Imaginée par le romancier Dave White et l’artiste Symon Kudranski (Spawn), la nouvelle justicière The Web est l’adolescente Jane Raymond qui découvre ses pouvoirs après avoir essayé un remède expérimental.

Aucun nom d’artiste ni aucune date n’ont été annoncés pour le moment.

[quote=“Dave White”]Jane is, in my eyes, going to be a lot of fun to follow. She’s 14 years old – a freshman in high school living in suburban New Jersey. She is half Korean, half Caucasian and lives with her father and her older brother. Her mom, who was Korean, passed away prior to the series starting. To cope, Jane has sunk into fandom, and a niche one at that. She’s a huge fan of the Silver Age Web. She writes about him, laughs about him and cosplays as him. She loves the Web, and his crazy history.

Meanwhile, her dad is trying to get her out of her “sit around the house” doldrums and to start stuffing her college resume. He’s playing both Mom and Dad in the family which drives Jane nuts. Jane is kind of a blabbermouth, and while there’s tension with her dad, she’s great with her classmates–kind of a mayor-type at school. [/quote]

[quote=“Kudranski”]Hearing the title and looking through the history of Archie’s characters, my first impression was to go with a more mainstream and “clean” art style. After learning that talented crime writer Dave White would be writing, my vision went to a dark noir art style. After discussing it with Dark Circle Comics editor Alex Segura, we decided to keep a nice, clean, superhero feel to the characters and add in a noir/dark atmosphere.

My first sketches were two different approaches to the same character. The first was more mainstream superhero and the second one was a more dark noir style.[/quote]


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