TWO BROTHERS (Fabio Moon, Gabriel Bá)

Nouvelle collaboration entre les frangins Fabio Moon et Gabriel Bá (L’Aliéniste, Daytripper, Casanova), l’album Two Brothers, inspiré par le livre Dois Irmãos de Milton Hatoum, sortira en octobre prochain chez Dark Horse.
Le livre raconte les retrouvailles entre deux frères rivaux au sein d’une famille brésilienne d’origine libanaise; Yaqub, de retour au pays après cinq ans d’un exile forcé par sa mère, et Omar, l’enfant gâté de la famille.

A noter que Deux Frères sortira en avant-première en France chez Urban Comics en mars prochain.

Le site de l’éditeur:

[quote=“Gabriel Bá”]Yeah, we went to the Salon du Livre in Paris, France, and afterwards we visited five cities for bookstore signings. It was really great. The French market is totally different from the American one, and from the Brazilian one, so we are learning a lot through publishing comics there. And then here in Brazil, we’ve visited a lot of cities. We went back to Manaus, the city where the story takes place, to do a release there. It was great. It was in a public square, full of people. It was amazing. And it’s good to travel: it takes us away from the drawing table. Our monthly comics are all late because of all the traveling we’ve been doing. But it’s worth it. It’s worth it to meet the readers and talk about the book. We love what we do, and we love talking about it. But sometimes I feel guilty because our comics for the machine of monthly comics are late.

It’s been weird, waiting for the book to come out in the US, because ever since it got announced, everyone has been curious about it. But they’ll just have to wait until October. Right now, we are finishing the design and production of the American edition. We are very anxious to see it published as well.[/quote]