VANDROID #1-4 (Tommy Lee Edwards, Noah Smith / Dan McDaid)

Tommy Lee Edwards s’improvise scénariste, aux cotés de son ami Noah Smith et du dessinateur Dan Mcdaid, pour la mini-série hommage aux films des années 80 Vandroid publiée par Dark Horse. A l’origine, Vandroid est un film de science-fiction ambitieux dont le tournage débuta en 1984. Mais il ne fut jamais complété, dû à un grave incendie dans les studios.

Le projet est maintenant accompagné d’une bande-son remastérisée par les français du label Ed Banger, et un court-métrage réalisé par Tommy lee Edward (qui avait déjà collaboré avec Edgar Write sur The Random Adventures of Brandon Generator.)

[quote]« Vandroid » is an action-adventure sci-fi story loaded with lots of wit. It’s very silly, fun, exciting, and tragic. The story centers on a genius rockstar mechanic named Chuck Carducci, who made his name as one of the top mechanics of the mid-1970s custom vanning craze. His artistic and award-winning designs were seen across the world. Then came the money, the women, and the drugs. Carducci was on top of the world. But by 1984, when our story takes place, vanning is all but dead. Chuck is now a major has-been who’s fallen into a spiral of drug-induced depression, and is manipulated by an old roommate from his MIT days to team up on a new project using cutting edge (and extremely dangerous) artificial intelligence.

With salvaged electronics from NASA’s Jet Propulsion Lab, high-performance van parts and a Plutonium Ion battery dubiously procured by a mysterious financial backer, Chuck builds the robot in his own ideal likeness. Not only is Vandroid built as a visual reflection of Chuck’s glory days, his A.I. brain’s processor and memory banks are filled with every positive aspect of Chuck’s life. Chuck basically puts everything he ever wished he was into Vandroid, and the robot now has a chance to fulfill his creator’s lost potential.[/quote]


[quote]VANDROID #2
Written by: Tommy Lee Edwards, Noah Smith.
Art by: Dan McDaid.
Cover by: Tommy Lee Edwards.
Description: Vandroid ramps up in this no-holds-barred second issue! The Van Man is off the chain, but when he runs afoul of his creator’s loose ends – including his estranged wife and an old criminal acquaintance – he finds out that being human is more complicated than his programming indicated!
Pages: 32.
Price: $3.99.
In stores: March 26. [/quote]


[quote]Vandroid #4
Story by Tommy Lee Edwards, Noah Smith
Art by Dan McDaid
Colors by Melissa Edwards
Cover by Tommy Lee Edwards
Publisher Dark Horse Comics
Cover Price: $3.99
Release Date Wed, May 28th, 2014
Vandroid’s night is at its darkest, and it’s up to the Vanettes to step in to save the day! But when the Van-man is struck with a case of robo-amnesia, the six-cylinder sirens will stop at nothing to get his motor runnin’![/quote]